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    What would you do constructively if you become the PM of India?

    There has been a lot of discussions about elections, politics, how things should not be done and how little is done for India. India is an evergrowing nation, having multiple political parties, the air we breathe is polluted, the water we drink is contaminated, the people who govern us are tainted, the very people who should be working for us are working for themselves by inventing scam after scam.

    Enough, if we were to be given the job of PM of India to lead the country for one year, What would be your five best policies or programs that you would implement. The best for the people of India, so that we can become a developed nation.

    Please think about it, let's see what we can do if on the other side of the table?
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    I will not be able to list down five points and I am not intending to be the PM of India. But still the thought I always had in mind is why can't the government take out the reservation system in India. am strictly against it and if I become the PM I would want to do that first. I am not aware of the practicality of it but I would love to do that. According to me, a job should be given to a person who is qualified and talented irrespective of his caste and religion. People belonging to lower castes get concession in fees and also the pass percentage is low for them whereas it is the other way round for people from forward caste. This has to be changed. I can understand if reservation is given to a disabled person or to someone coming from a low-income group but not on the basis of religion. A rich person belonging to a lower caste gets fee concession whereas a poor person from a forward caste has to pay almost double the fees. I don't see equality here.
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    This is one good example of - If I were ...

    The present political system is well known to every one and telling about the unfair practices and exploitation of social and financial sentiments of people for winning an election will only be repeating the things. The amount of money involved in elections and the source of this money is also a big topic for debate and rich and influential people who have contributed large amount to the political parties will definitely ask its return in forms of some favor from the political party they have supported.

    Anyway a happy assumption has its own thrill and there is no harm in assuming such a thing. So let me also share what I would do if I were the PM of my country.

    My first effort will be to improve the laziness in our bureaucratic system or machinery and cut the red tape to its minimum length. Today the administrative machinery is making fool of many Ministers who are not knowing their subjects as either they are not qualified or they take some favors from the administrative machinery. This area is a area of concern and to begin with I will try to start with a basic qualification for becoming an MLA or MP as high school. Later if I get more terms to serve, we can make it graduation.

    Another important thing is either make all the educational system as government schools and colleges or give them completely to private.

    One more important thing is all the services, transport and commercial activities should be in private sector. Let competition prevail and the customer should get the advantage.

    Judiciary should be treated as a voluminous activity and they should attend the court in shifts that is morning and afternoon so that more cases could be handled and cleared. No one in the country should have privilege of going to office at 10 and coming back at 5. To avoid the traffic jams office timings should be shifted to morning or evening shifts. Bank, Post Offices, Govt offices all are to be included in this scheme. This will help in restoring the health of many people who are getting up at 8 AM and rushing to their office in hurry.

    Only military, police and judiciary should be attached to Govt.

    There are many likewise in my mind but they may look as utopian to many people as practical grounds are at a different level.

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    In ISC, I have responded many such threads of becoming Prime Minister of India. What I would do is - 1. Close all the sub registrar offices. No sale and purchase of immoveable property. Stay where you are. Possess what you have for your comfort only. This is the main key to corruption and scandal
    . 2. Do away with reservation system. 3.Modify the election to Parliament and assembly.

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    The chances of my becoming the Prime Minister of India are nil. I have no dreams also in that direction. But the question is a hypothetical question and keeping that in mind I try to list out my thoughts about the important works.
    1. Reservation Policy: The present reservation system will be abolished. Irrespective of the caste and religion of the person, basing on the financial position of their family some support from the Government in the form of scholarships will be given. The amounts will be fixed in such a way that he will be able to meet all his expenses required for the education. There will not be any reservations in jobs but some small percentage will be kept for financially not well families.
    2. Voting Right: For having right to vote in addition to the age a minimum education qualification will also be fixed. Only those people meeting the criteria will have the voting right. They only can compete in the election.
    3.The system of Pension to MLAs, MPs and Government employees will be abolished. The gratuity and contributory provident fund system on par with private employees will be introduced. A part of the salary will be converted as the performance incentive. This will be paid only if they perform and no block logs on his work table.
    4. All money transactions will be through bank only above Rs.5000/- will be introduced. All bank accounts should be linked with PAN card and a copy of bank transactions should be attached to your IT returns. The uniform tax system will be brought.
    5. The black money and money going into foreign banks will be stopped. How to do it and what is the procedure to be adopted will be finalised by a committee of financial experts who don't belong to any of the bank or government Organisation. The same will be implemented.
    These are my priorities. Still, there are many other issues which are to be addressed.

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