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    The cute smile of an infant - Worries disappears

    A smile can create wonders but we are very stingy when it comes to giving one. A cute little smile showing two tiny teeth, with the glow in the eyes, with a small dimple, and the innocent look is adorable. All our stress and worries will disappear by seeing that.

    I was stressed up and was busy with things when I saw my colleague with her daughter. The cutie pie gave me a smile of hers and to my surprise, I completely forgot about my tensions and to do list and was with the little naughty one for more than a half an hour. Her look, her smile, her touch everything is awesome and time just flies when I am with her.

    I was wondering how a tiny little girl and her smile was able to take away the tensions and stress we elders always talk about. They are so innocent and their innocence makes others happy. Why is it that we lose our innocence as we grow older?
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    Yes, not only the smile, even the innocent cry of a baby makes us forget everything. A baby sleeping innocently forces us to forget the world and look at the baby. Every emotion of a baby is a treat to watch.
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    A very nice post. I also feel relaxed when a see a cute smile on the face of an infant.If we observe an infant in the lap of her mother staring at us with a smile, we will forget all our worries and we feel like taking her into our lap. One day I have gone to a pilgrim centre to have a Darshan of the God. The crowd was very high and I have to stand the queue for more than 2 hours. But luckily in front of me, there was a young man with a small infant in his hands. That baby started looking at me and smiling. I was thrilled to see that baby and I started playing with the baby. My two hours of the wait had gone very fast without getting bored. I noticed the time taken only when I came out of the queue after having the Darshan.We will definitely forget all our difficulties and responsibilities and start enjoying when we see cute smiling faces of infants.
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    The simple reason is - As we grow our responsibility increases and we forget to smile. Just think, what is the responsibility of a infant baby? Just think about the responsibility of a school going boy. Just think about the responsibility of a married man /woman. Just think about the responsibility as a father/mother. When we grow old and left in the old age home, we fail to smile completely. Smiling is automatic when there is no responsibility or worry.

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    An infant is a symbol of everything opposite to an adult, pure love,no fear,no sins, just a bundle of joy. The baby feeds, enjoys the warmth and affection of parents and family. The smile makes us pause, forget our thoughts and take a few moments to cuddle with the baby. The smile and laughter often maintains peace at homes and keeps the grandparents going.
    The smile, the innocence is slowly corrupted by all we see and interact with around the world, we observe, we learn, we re-learn and by the time we realize what is good or bad we are adults. Then the radiant smile that comes in an instant becomes a guarded smile that comes,if our minds and thoughts allow us to smile. Mr.SuN has also mentioned a very important point -responsibility.

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    Small children or infants are like the flowers blossoming in a park or garden. When you see them your heart is filled with a joy and for some time you are free from the worries of this world.

    The biggest joy and pleasure for a mother is to feel his baby in her laps. The warmth of a new born and the delicate touch of him is indescribable. Infants are a source of happiness and enjoyment for the whole family.

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