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    Teenage immaturity. How to control.

    In any one's life teenage is very important. This is the age generally, which decides your future. From the year 13 to year 19 is the teenager. This is the age children will be coming out of their childhood and entering into their young age. They think that they know everything but they don't know anything. Whatever new thing is seen they want to adapt it. They run after bad qualities faster than towards good qualities. These days its more prevalent. Before our eyes, the future generation is getting spoiled. Recently a group of intermediates students made a complaint against their warden. The complaint is the warden warned them when they taking beer in the room. They say that they are celebrating the occasion that one of them got 90% score in one exam. These type of issues are increasing. The only way to control is that the parents should be more watchful and observant. They should advise the child about the evil effects of these habits and teachers should also teach them the morals and ethics and should try to divert them from misdeeds
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