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    Addiction to Online Shopping

    Shopping is fairly a normal activity of daily life that many of us give little thought to. Online shopping has become a quite regular activity in daily life and it has paved a way to purchase any kind of items just with a click of mouse. Online shopping portals track what we look for and how to push us toward their shopping carts. You could have noticed that even when you are just browsing on any website the handbag you viewed last week or any day pops up in the corner of your screen and attract us until the bag is purchased. Such type of retargeting makes us to do compulsive shopping and leads to Online Shopping addiction. One can be in lots of trouble when carried away by this habit.
    Everyday Online shopping portals announces offers, coupons, EMI discounts etc and People get attracted to it without analyzing the underlying fact. I have also seen some people facing overdue with payments using credit cards.
    This habit can cause a trouble in relationship as this leads to financial issues. It can also have a impact in professional life as I have come across few persons who continuously browse in workplaces instead of doing their work.
    The signs of Online Shopping addiction include: neglecting work and family, even though they are not shopping online they always think about it, overspending and regularly buying things even if they really don't need such things, lying about purchases and when they don't pay the bills they need to pay and invest that money on shopping.
    To overcome this addition set a time limit and shopping limits. Remove all the account related information from the shopping portal. Identify what makes you to stick on that habit and try to engage yourself with other activities, Think about your family and its financial situation and your responsibility to the family.
    Finally, to whatever we are addicted we could overcome it only with our self-control.
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    Yes invariably many people are addicted to the online shopping either through their past personal good results or from the recommendations of close relatives and friends. Once they immensely get benefited through a online shopping, the word would spread like a wild fire and many would queue for the same product and same experience. That is the reason being so now and then the online shopping sites are having bulk sale of same product for selected two or three days and they are very successful. Yesterday when I was in train from Chennal, I could see many passengers ordering things online and browsing online sites whole time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, many people specially youth love and addicted to buy (shop) products through online shopping. Yesterday i've searched related to addiction people ask query about what can I do about my addiction to online shopping. people ask others about how to stop shopping online. people like to purchase online because nice products with low price and discount online which is not available at offline shops. Everyone wants to buy more in a low price so people addicted towards online shopping so that is the reason of addiction to online shopping.

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    Excellent thread, certainly an addiction.Currently, there are so many websites that vie for attention on the online customer base. The site is cleverly designed to focus on your previous views and favourites.A range of discounts adds to the temptation and the free delivery nails it. Ironically there are many items that are not mandatory but we have purchased it.

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