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    Are we getting addicted to medicines?

    Are we so paranoid about illness that we tend to consume medicines in a manner which makes us sort of addicted to them? Why are people so dependent on medicines for the slightest form of illness?

    Medicines if we talk about, are very important to cure diseases. If its a highly effective disease or if it is a minor one. Medicines like God gives us the best cure from it. Just like we say "Doctors are our second form of God." And that role played by doctors are actually played by the medicines that are there and they recommend us.

    Medicines are getting used in our daily lives just like our usual things. Any illness and we have the medicines in hand. Even before we get any disease, seeing just a symptom of it, makes us to take a particular medicine. If we are sneezing or a normal cough and cold, we go and just take the medicines, the most common names are cetirizine, dcold cough syrup, paracetamol, crocin. These are the basic ones if I talk.

    Even the children today know the names of these medicines as they have got so much used to of it. Because of having a lot of cough and cold.

    Lastly, if you prefer to go to a doctor, you will surely be coming back with 4 to 5 tablets in your hand, I can guarantee. One for the fever, other for a headache, another one for sneezing, other for cough. Anyway, doctors here will try to make their money.

    My question is "Are we so lazy and we so dependent on these medicines to cure yourself." I am talking about small diseases first like a cough, cold, fever. These diseases automatically will take 2 to 3 days to cure. So, if we take some herbal things like Tulsi leaves in tea or try some herbal stuff, and try and avoid these medicines. We can still cure ourselves.

    It is just that we get worried a lot and are not able to be patient. So, we take up the medicines. If you undergo a really dangerous disease, then there is obviously no choice except the medicines.
    But in this case, if we can try some good things for curing, then why not?

    Just because of the thought that medicine will cure us, will not get us anywhere. Rather it is impacting us, without our knowledge. Just think about it.
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    Actually we are not getting addicted to medicines and in fact the fear factor if getting more seriously ill or rather bed ridden makes us to think too much and go for medicines with full belief and truth. Yes there are some regular medicines which has proved their abilities to cure within minutes and we have become addicted to it. For example when ever head ache comes. I rely on dart or saridon tablets which has become house hold name since many years. And in every house there is always having Amrutanjan balm or Zinda Balm which are immediate plain relievers and who can forget the vicks inhaler which gives instant relief from nagging running nose. And for elders at the home they want to make sure that Moov or relax sprays be handy as they get immediate relief from sprains and pains.
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    Many people are addicted to the medicines as it gives immediate cure and one is ready to attend his work or job. We have totally forgotten the natural art of curing for small ailments. A throat congestion can be easily cured with occasional sips of hot water but we gulp down the analgesics or antibiotics for faster relief.

    We have no patience to try the natural or household remedies and rather prefer to take the modern medicines. This trend is not healthy as these medicines cause a lot of side effects also which are harmful to the health.

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    I agree with the author. Now a days majority of the people depend on medicines as it gives fast relief. Having too much of medicines will inturn cause various other health hazards. Because people have insurance cards, doctors will prescribe many medicines and we end up consuming all of it. Instead we should actually try the basic remedies at home first before going to the doctor. At least when we get a cold or cough. On the other hand, do not treat yourself with home remedies if you show some other symptoms.
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    We are all drug addicts. Some of us take prescribed ones, that's the only difference. We are so afraid to even think about pain. We want to kill the pain even before it's born. And all medicines are painkillers if you think about it.
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    These days we have no patience. Any small symptom of illness, we will take some tablet and get ready to go out. So it is like addiction only. This is due to the inconvenience caused by that small illness for which we may not be able to apply for leave and sit in the house. We can perform our duties properly with that small pain or illness. But it is not advisable to use medicines as and when we want. Finally, our body will become immune to that medicine and we may have to go for a further strong medicine. So it is always advisable to have patience and tolerate the illness for some time and use some natural product for curing the illness, you will have a better health and your body will become more resistant to these small illnesses or pains. Going to doctor for small health problems is also not advisable. Try to tolerate and wait for a natural cure. Once the illness is not coming down and becoming more serious and chronic then only it is advisable to go to a doctor or use medicines. I feel it is always better to use Ayurveda medicines which will cure the illness permanently without any side effects.
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    Today we have people as young as 30 having strokes and heart attacks. I don't we are getting addicted to medicines, we are living in an imperfect world with far from an ideal lifestyle that makes us dependent on medicines.
    For instance, try talking to a person having a chronic respiratory illness, he or she will be perfectly well in villages or rural areas, the moment we come to the cities they need inhalers and tablets.
    We have a life of luxury and our habits are so bad that we need to exercise regularly to burn off the excess calories, our food habits and genetics are so precarious that we (India) has become the diabetic and hypertension capital of the world.
    Despite all the vagaries of life and lifestyle, we find time to blame the doctor who has to make money to earn his living like you and me; healthcare has become a business. We do not hesitate to shell out Rs300.00 rupees for a burger and Rs 150.00 for an imported coffee but think twice for paying the doctor who rightly or wrongly is caught between the devil and the deep sea.

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