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    If we like some one or some thing, do we go to the extent of forgiving and even compromising ?

    Do we tend to overlook mistakes & bad behaviour of people we like? Share your personal thoughts on this.

    I have been closely observing the behavior of people and get to notice that when we like someone and consider them as most dear or we like some thing which is most liked by us, we go to the extent of excusing even wrong things done by the person and also compromising. If that liked person does any mistake or even misbehaves, we would support and also forgive for his bad behavior. For the grandfather, the nuances of his grand child is the pride factor and even when the kid destroys costly things at home the elders enjoy it with pride. Is that so ?
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    When we like a thing whether it is about a person or about a group of people we have a tendency of protecting or favoring them at our level. It is a human trait and every one is inclined to do so sometimes or often.
    Some people may say that it is a bias to the things you like. Yes, it is and sometimes it is dominant to such a degree that we forget about good or bad.

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    It is human nature to protect people whom he takes in their stride. For example, we try to protect our family from problems. It is natural. But if our people doing mistakes and protect them every time, they will become antisocial. So if any of our loved ones are doing wrong tell them that what he is doing is wrong and always it is not possible for somebody to protect them. You should tell them that they have to mend their ways. Otherwise, they feel that somebody is there to protect them and they go on behaving in their own way. So as an Individual it is his duty to see that they will become normal and otherwise you should not help them. If you are protecting a person who is at fault some other who is an innocent will suffer definitely. This should not happen. So we should advise our people also to be proper.
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    This is true in many situations.When we like or love someone we tend to ignore their mistakes and even encourage them to do it. This is often seen between grandparents and grandchildren, teacher and her favourite student(teacher's pet), boss and his favourite employee etc.
    It usually starts off as a simple issue of a grandchild throwing things, the student not completing assignments or the employee coming late. This gradually grows to an extent that mistakes become more common and does not attract penalisation.After some time we have a child who has temper tantrums, a student who becomes lazy and an employee who become unproductive and has a negative influence on other workers.
    We have to like someone but be fair and strict for their own good.

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