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    Vegetables prices all over this year sky rocketing and what is the reason for this?

    Usually in summer season and after some days of that season vegetable prices go up to a slight extent. Some of the vegetables even become very cheap in some seasons. But this year all the vegetables throughout the year are costing very much. Except Pototoes (Rs.20) all other vegetables were costing Rs.40 and above only. Yesterday I found Cabbage costing Rs.50, Carrot Rs.60, Tomatoes Rs. 50,Beans Rs.100, Brinjal Rs.60. Actually after rainy season and in winter season plenty vegetables are available at a very low price. Why this price rice of vegetables gone up this year?
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    There could be various reasons for this and what comes to my mind is probably there is a delay or improper transportation of vegetables from the field to the market. During the last year Govt has taken many steps to curb the intermediate dealers for resorting to fraudulent practices by purchasing the vegetables at cheap rates and then selling them at very high rate to the whole seller or the market shops.
    That process is now slightly decelerated but unfortunately we do not have alternate system to bring them to market in a fast pace so vegetables are there but they are not available in the market in that big amount as brought by the selfish traders earlier.
    Another possible reason could be overall decrease in production and due to demand supply mismatch prices will rise.

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    The vegetable prices are increased this week. That is true. One reason which comes to my mind is the Karthica masam. This month is considered to be a very holy month. Many people worship Lord Shiva and every day in the early morning they take bath and go to the nearest temple and put on a light with oil there. This month many will not consume non-vegetarian food. They will be on vegetables only. So consumption will be more and the traders want to make some extra money when there is a demand for the product. Another reason may be the heavy rains during the last week, which has spoiled many roads and commuting also has become a problem. So the vendors have to pay a lot for their transportation of the goods. This will make them increase the price. But unfortunately, the farmer who grows these items may be getting the same price. But the middlemen are making merry. Another reason is some places the crop got spoiled due to heavy rains and ultimately there is a scarcity of the product. This may be also a reason for the increase in the prices.
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    Every year at least in Karnataka the papers are filled with news that vegetable prices are very high beyond the reach of common man and the small hotels. This would be followed by news of farmers sadly dumping lorry loads of tomatoes, and quickly perishing vegetables on the roads as they don't even make money to sell or transport it to the cities. This may in Kolar,Karnataka, tomato prices were so low around 2-3 rupees/kg that it didn't even cover the cost of harvesting and transporting to the nearest market.
    So, there seems to be a major issue other than supply and demand imbalance, I think time plays a crucial role, it's the timing of the crop, untimely rains damaging crops,interrupting land transport, poor infrastructure to shift these vegetables in time before they get spoiled etc. There could also be a case of middlemen hoarding items, some states are known for their onion hoarding cartels.

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    Now and then increase in price of vegetables is a common phenomenon. But throughout this year vegetable prices never gone down below Rs.40. Now Onions also selling Rs.40. Actually around our Guntur city in villages lot of vegetables they grow. Except in late summer seasons vegetables in our areas are available at reasonable rates. We had plenty of rains in rainy season and we have no cyclones or excessive rains.

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    According to me, the price rise in vegetable and similar items are done 75% wantonly whereas only 25 percent is the reason they are telling. I come to this conclusion only by hearing from a vendor in wholesale market to a customer who was asking about sudden rise in vegetable price, 'I read papers that all central and state government staff getting increase in pay, then who will give to us.'

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