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    What would be our legacy that we leave behind us?

    Man is born into a family,raised,nurtured,educated, then, he often starts his own family and fulfills his duties as he feels appropriate and departs this world. We remember family and people close to us but many good human beings are recognized for the legacy that they have left behind.

    For the common man, legacy would me some wealth,a house if possible and some land or investments.Unfortunately, this is not legacy. True legacy is something that is above materialistic value, it's doing something with good intent that can make a difference in people's lives, people who are not our immediate family. I think true legacy reflects our life's worth apart from the commitments we have fulfilled for our families. If not recognized at national(Baba Amte) or international level (Mother Teresa), can we do something, that at least the place we were born or we lived in is proud to remember us.
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    A nice write-up, Natarajan. If somebody remembers us for our good deeds after we depart also that is the greatest legacy we can leave behind. Our family members will always remember us. Our relatives also may remember us for some time. But the people who are not our family members, friends or relatives, remember us after our departure also, we have done our part I feel. We serve a company. There we might have performed for some time. Then we will leave that and go to another company. But if the people in old company remember us for the good works done there to the company as well as the colleagues we feel we have done our duty properly. Same is the case in life also.If a person comes to us ask for a help which is genuine and if you can do it, you should respond positively. Then the man who got benefitted will never forget you. This is the legacy we leave behind. My grandfather expired almost 16 years back. But even today, if I go to that village people around, will appreciate him for his good deeds. i feel very happy for that.
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    If we ensure good behavior with fellow citizens, immediate neighbors. never get agitated, visit the ailing souls, reaching out the needy and attending important functions of other religions too would get you very good name in the society and people would love to have friendship and relations with you. Even after our death, people from all walks of life would attend our funeral and that would be great legacy we would leave behind. For me money, wealth, property and assets are immaterial. As long as you get attention and recognition in the society, you are good and that should be sustained.

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    Thanks Dr.Rao, Mohan sir for replying and agreeing,if we do something to people who are strangers to us, then we would be remembered. Being good, being human will help us to be remembered.

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