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    Wondering why it is always '43'. Amazing!

    You may be thinking what is this about 43. Yes, the theme of this topic is from my daily experience. In my day to day life why the number 43 always become prominent. Whenever I see time in my watch or mobile, the time will have minutes numbered 43. When I was going to Hyderabad by bus, I observed that my seat number was 43. When I open a book for reading, I always open the pages like 143,243,443,643,343 or so. I am not able to understand why it is always 43. Yesterday, when there was a little repair in the flooring of my home, the model number of the granite used for flooring was 43. I stayed at an inn in Bangalore before nine days and the room number was 243. In the morning, when I bought some goods from a shop I got the change of 43 rupees. I am not able to understand why I am getting connected to the number 43. So I thought of sharing it with you people. Did any one of you had any similar experiences? Could there be reason behind it or is it just a coincidence? Kindly post your views.
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    First time I am coming across such a phenomenon of numbers keep on bothering a person. May be 43 seems to be lucky for you and try for a bigger gain either through lottery or other sources where 43 exists. May be luck or big fortune is smiling on you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yeah am also feeling the same but a little different experience making me feel amazing let see what happens next....

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    I do not know what is your present age and stage. 43 could be a crucial or beneficial age for you. 43(4+3 = 7). Number seven is a lucky number. You are blessed, Mr. Nawaz Emon.

    To me, 17 is the number I love. It is a lucky number for me.

    No life without Sun

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    Sounds like an English movie scene, something different but unexplainable yet recurring frequently to capture your attention. Maybe good luck like others have mentioned.

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    Very intriguing. But I think of it as a game by your subconscious mind than a coincidence.
    Maybe you're subconsciously drawn towards that number for a reason.
    I'm no numerologist or an astrologer.
    But 4 appears to me like a very confident individual and 3 appears to be both bountiful and a curious natured person.
    So I'd say that you're a confident, curious and a helping personality .
    Am I correct?

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I have come across an article in that it is said that the seeing of the number 43 means that some super natural force is following us and helping us a lot in our life and it is said that it is not seen my many members it's rare case...... But lets see what happens next......

    Stay blessed

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    It's really interesting and intriguing to know that how many coincident are taking place in your life related to this number and, more important fact is that you have noticed it all the time because many times such things kind of give us indication to something but we are unable to understand because we don't notice them.
    I am not a superstitious person but I do believe in 6th sense and things like omens( which I read for the first time in the Paolo Coelho's novel Alchemist these omens always tells us about something only if we are able to understand, maybe this is some kind of omen or 6th sense working. You should read about it and this novel also.You will find it very interesting). Maybe this number is related to some interesting aspect of your life you should read about such phenomenon more.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    No, I have never come across something like this. Sounds interesting! May be it is a lucky number for you.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Yeah from morning I have again I have come across 43 again many times don't no what this 43 will make me at last............. I was playing online game and I got 43 place in facebook friends again I was shocked.... . ..........does anyone know anything more about this 43?

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    I feel this is your fortunate number. So it is telling you that, I will give you a fortune. What is the single digit you get when all the numbers of your date of birth are written as dd/mm/yyyy? If the total is made up to a single digit by adding is coming to 7, this 43 is going to bring a good fortune shortly.
    always confident

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    I don't think you have to actually worry about it. Maybe you are being a bit obsessed with this number. So, wherever you see this number you feel that there is some hidden message or something.

    Maybe you should know the reality, there might be many other numbers as well, which you are not noticing and you are taking seriously only this number 43. If there was really some hidden message or fortune, I guess even the time which you posted should have 43 somewhere in it, it's not there.

    No offense meant you can continue hunting for 43 to get a meaning to it.

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    43 is a prime number. If you add the two digits, you will get 7. 143 is a multiple of 13 and 11. 243 can be expressed as 3 to the power 5. 343 can be expressed as 7 to the power 3. 443 is again another prime number. 543 is a multiple of 3 and 181. 643 and 743 are prime numbers. 843 is a multiple of 3 and 281. 943 is a prime number. 1043 is a multiple of 7 and 149 and so on.

    Don't bother about this particular number or numerology. This is not science.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Now you have the attention of many, maybe obsessed, luck, no logical explanation, whatever it is, keep us updated.

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    One thing i say here, If a person is going through this type of conditions then he might be trying to see 43 again and again.
    I have the same condition but the thing here is not a number it is a name which I love very much, where I go it follows me, in the college, in the library, somewhere out of my city and it is also a brand name.
    As i love that name and may be the named person very much so I always have an accidents to listen or hear that name frequently.
    So a person loves something by heart and he goes those conditions again and again. The number is not coming to him he is going to it. Same the name is not saying me hello everyday actually I am very interested in that named person hence wherever I go I used to look for that......
    And It gives us much pleasure.... Isn't it?

    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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