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    Young addicts - How do we help them?

    We know many young lives are been destroyed by drugs and alcohol. 15 - 25 years is the best age to fall into these addictions. We have heard in the news that some people are indulged in selling drugs in the school compound. They are actually spoiling a generation and the youth of India.

    Hanging around with friends and trying these things initially for fun and later on making it a routine and finally becoming addicted to it is the normal practice we see. Immaturity and the urge to try new things lead the youth to addictions. Keep in mind, once you become addicted, the dark path in your life begins.

    How can we help them recover? Firstly, the addict or his family should be able to admit the fact. Hiding it is not going to help. Once someone is suspected of being an addict, take him to a good counselor or deaddiction center. Don't bother about the society, it is your life hence treat before it becomes worse and ruin your health and family.

    The drug dealers aim at young people as they get a long-term customer. We need to understand this and educate our young ones about the risk it might cause. What we can do is share awareness, educate parents and give support to the struggling addicts around us.

    If you have some ideas of how we can help to prevent addicts in our society, please share it.
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    A thoughtful thread about a real problem in the metros and upscale campuses. It always starts with a simple drink or a smoke and once they get hooked, circumstances lead some to take on to the drug habit. There are key elements that can be monitored access to money, access to drugs,hideout, hangout places and groups

    As parents, we should realise that once our kids are out of our homes they are exposed to many evils of the soceity. unfortunately, there are in a stage of exploration and try things out of curiosity, peer pressure and to stand out in a gang. As parents we are often worried about the social stigma and the welfare of our kids. It is not difficult to pick up signals when we interact with children before and after recent drug use, we can track funds get in their hands or funds borrowed by the teenagers, there will be regular source of supply or point of contact via coded sms or what's up or via friends, this can be kept in mind, they usually have a secret place to store at home or the room and a close group of friends who do drugs regularly, again these kids arouse a sense that something is wrong when closely monitored.
    Once we are aware, instead of confronting, the first task at hand should to support the child emotionally, psychologically with professional help in the long run.

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    Children are drawn and attracted to bad elements of the society and stoop upon the targeted students with all kinds of offers and things that will destroy them in future systematically. Drug addiction is the menace which cannot be controlled unless and until the student opens up. In school and college compound also, the management cannot have tow of every child and that is not possible too. And remember beyond school campus anything can happen. What I suggest that children must be dropped and picked up by the parents to avoid any social contacts en route to the home. Many parents send their children through public transport, auto and van. The hooligans target such groups which are without elders observation and thus easily targeted and pressurized towards their habit.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very nice post. Really it is very painful to know that school going children are getting addicted to the drugs and alcohol. The selfish greedy people in their urge for making money is going to schools and selling drugs to the innocent pupil. The teenage people won't have a proper understanding of the life and they will get influenced by friends easily. They believe friends more than anybody. So without knowing the problems they are practising some unwanted acts and finally becoming a slave to that habit and losing their valuable lives.
    The main reason for this is lack of concentration of parents on their children. These days many parents think that giving huge money and providing whatever children ask is a very good act of a loving parent. So they pamper their children by giving money. The parents will be busy and never see what is happening to their children. So I feel parents should mentor their children saying goods and bads of life. They should be able to say no to their children when they come for huge money. They should see once in a while what they are doing in the school and how they are studying. The parental care can reduce this kind of addictions.

    always confident

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    A very important thread raising the voice about how much dreadful the drug addiction is. Youngsters get addicted to it very easily as you said because they want to try out new things. This trying out something new makes them slowly get addicted to it. Drug addiction is the worst addiction. The addicts get so used to it that they are just not able to survive without it. It gives them a craving to have it again and they destroy their life slowly and steadily.
    The government should bring up campaigns to stop drug addiction. If a youngster is having an addiction to drugs, then the parents should help the child to recover from it and do not deal badly with it. Tell the harmful effects of it, so that they are aware of its outcomes. Motivate the person and help them to stop this activity who has the problem of drug addiction.

    Do what inspires you !!

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