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    Do you have habit of reading newspaper daily?

    Reading newspaper daily is a very good habit and it makes aware about all the things going around the world and in our locality, but many youths except those who are preparing for any competitive exam related to administration think that it is pass time of old people. Do you agree with this kind of thinking?
    Especially school going kids they don't have the habit of reading the newspaper and often find it boring but it is really a very good habit and help a kid to enhance their reading skills, retention power and knowledge of current affairs.
    I think we should read the newspaper daily and encourage others also to read it in free time atleast few pages. I like to read newspaper but sometime it took more time than I think so I want to ask some questions to isc members about newspaper reading to know more about this habit.
    Do you read the newspaper daily? what do you like about newspaper reading? do you find it interesting or boring? How much time you spent on reading it.
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    I have the habit of reading the newspaper daily in the morning. We get a Telugu newspaper and morning I will see all the headlines and if anything interesting is found, I will go through that entire news. I have an app of newspaper on my cell and as and when I get some time I will try to read the update. I never miss sports page and cinema page. I will go through both the pages without fail. In the morning I may be spending around 15 minutes to go through the paper.But overall I may be spending about 60 minutes in news reading. As mentioned by the author it is good to read newspapers. But these days all papers are available online and people are trying to see the news on their mobile and get updated then and there itself. There is no necessity to wait till the next day morning. But many students these days are not interested in reading newspapers. The news channels are spoiling the spirit of the people in news by giving undue importance to many fake and unreal news. Many of the news channels to get TRP ratings always tries to telecast fake news as breaking news to get the advantage. This may be the reason for many people losing interest in news and newspapers.
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    I am getting three news papers in my house daily. Two Malayalam ( my mother tongue) news papers and one English. I spend more than one hour daily in the morning for reading news papers. I cannot think a day without reading a news paper. Perhaps, majority of people in Kerala have this attitude.
    Here in Kerala most of the schools are subscribing for news papers. The students are advised to read news papers daily. Two or three students are assigned the duty of reading the head lines in front of the Morning assembly of students. All the teachers will be present during the assembly time.
    There are thousands of public reading rooms or libraries. All these provide the facilities to read news papers. Thus in Kerala news paper reading is very popular. Kerala's literacy rate is 96%.

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    Since my childhood, I have been reading more than one newspaper. Nowadays, with the availability of online newspapers, I read more than two newspapers. I also read online edition of eminent newspapers of Pakistan and Bangladesh.
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    No, I do not have the habit of reading newspaper daily. But I listen to news in radio stations while driving. That is how I keep myself updated. Also when I am at work and I want to take a break, I sometimes end up reading newspapers online. Otherwise I am not a regular newspaper reader. For certain people it is like their morning tea and without newspaper, their mornings sucks. It is good in a way as you can keep yourself updated.
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    Yes, one English paper, reading newspapers started as a way to improve the language skills and continued as a habit. There are many whose day doesn't start well without their favourite newspaper and a cup of coffee. It's wholesome education or entertainment to many. Some go to sports sections, some scan and latch to politics. Sharp minded businessmen go to the financial section. People like me try to get a feel of what's happened around in general.
    I like the small snippet of the world 50 years ago, wherein major news that appeared in the same paper ages ago can be read. It's a way of improving our general knowledge and matters around the world and the country. I must admit the quality of reports and the amount of violence has become increasingly worse.It's also embarrassing to see the full front page advert that makes elders at home uncomfortable.
    I think in a few years papers would be outdated. Online editions would be the norm of the day. There is no harm in getting the youngsters to at least scan the paper once a day hoping that they'll pick the habit too.

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    Reading newspaper daily was a habit in me from my schooling , say seventh standard as our class teacher promoted this habit in all of us by asking us to write the important news on the class notice board daily by one student. Since then I read at least one language newspaper daily.

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    Well my neighbors would fetch The Hindu and Deccan Chronicle paper and since they wake up late and the paper boy puts the news paper on the gate, I take it as liberty to have a glance of big heading for the day. But what I found that those news which we see in the television wont co come in detail and the special reports and news carried by news papers are never seen on television. So if the news papers are well versed in their investigative journalism without bias, it is worth to read such new stories daily and gain knowledge. I really wont like gossip based news papers on celebrities.
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    Yeah! You are correct... No doubt paper reading is a excellent habit.. There are many advantages of reading newspaper. So by reading newspapers we get get a lot of knowledge about the present state of our political parties and we can get a lot of general knowledge and about many Hollywood actress life histories and many technical advancements are published in papers for example if anyone starts any new company they give a advertisement in newspapers by that they can get many customers... It's also best type of advertising products and we can know the vegetable prices and home requirement goods and the we can know the present of mobiles,cars , bikes, electrical appliances.. And many things some may say that we have internet for such information ..its true but internet cost required to gather the information on newspaper is equals to 20 times greater than the cost of newspaper it's quite useful... And stories for children we get from news papers and many puzzles and many things......... So I think news paper reading is very useful..... Make a habit of reading newspaper daily..... Nice topic.......

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    I want to thank my father for inculcating the habit to read the newspaper daily. I owe it to him because since the time I could read, he bought me story books and then encouraged me to read the newspaper. Though initially, I found it very boring, gradually I enjoyed reading it because, by the end of the day, he would ask me what was the headlines and which news I liked the most. With joy, I would share the news with him. Slowly this became a habit in me, In the morning I couldn't go to school before at least flipping through the pages. I would mentally make note of pages that I caught my interest and would read all of them after returning from school.

    I could easily spend more than an hour on newspaper, after reading I would sit to solve the suduko as well. My favorite newspaper was reading "THE HINDU". It also had a supplement copy for kids, I would eagerly wait for that as well.

    I could continue that habit till my previous organization, but now I have slowly decreased it. I don't spend much time on reading newspaper by flipping pages. I do ensure to read the e-papers but it doesn't give me the joy of reading the newspaper by flipping them.

    I do foresee the disappearance of physical newspaper in the coming years, my prayers that it doesn't happen anytime soon.

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    I don't have a habit of reading newspapers. If I feel like reading news, I just read it online in the Indian Express.
    No doubt it is a very good habit to be followed. But, unfortunately, I could not make it a habit for myself.

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