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    The Addiction which I had to feed

    I was walking to and fro in front of the college gate waiting for my friends to arrive when suddenly she appeared in front of me. I had completely ignored her today, she had an angry face which I found it very difficult to face, a very big guilt filled in my heart for ignoring her. I tried to turn my face away by turning around but she again came in front me.

    I said "See, I am really sorry, but today I can't give you what you want, it's my exams. So just go away", after saying this I tried to look into her eyes. She was still standing there, my friends were yet to arrive.

    I again said in a hushed voice, I told you already I can't give you what you want, just leave now or my friends will see you. My dad has strictly warned me not to see or feed you anything. I can't disobey my father, so just go away"

    Finally, after few minutes of silence, she replies softly and her voice is in a pleading tone now "We still have one hour, it won't take long, just give me that thing which is in your bag and I will be gone, I promise you that after you feed me, I will not bother you during your exams"

    She again looks at me with pleading eyes, that look melted my heart. She wants to have more and If I won't feed her now, she will keep nagging me during my exams, so I decided to feed her. I found a bench behind the amphitheater, there I took out that thing which was in my bag, I could see her jumping with joy when I took it out.

    I opened it and flipped through the pages and it was the last chapter which had the suspense breaker in it. I slowly fed her with the last chapter of the book and finished it just in time before the exams. Now I knew that she, "My Brain", wouldn't nag me during my exams.

    As promised she allowed me to peacefully write my exams.

    This is an entry for TOW contest of the week- Addiction.
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    Excellent narration with a different style, sometimes difficult to understand (at least for people like me).To me, it means either the habit of reading books or a curious nature that can't wait.Sometimes the urge to know the ending, to know what happens next is almost palpable. I have seen at homes wherein grandmothers or mothers would be waiting for the next episode of their favourite serial, all work comes to a halt, even cooking sometimes when the serial is unfolding seriously. I think it's human nature sometimes to be overkeen about an issue that is dear to us, close to our hearts or issues that helps us to beat the boredom and escape from reality.

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    It is very common that our mind will be always working on the things we have half finished. Once we finish that our mind will get diverted on to another important aspect. If the book a detective novel or a fiction novel or any other subject of our interest, once you start reading stopping in between very difficult. Even we try to do some other work we can't concentrate on that work and we always think about the half finished. This is the habit. This attitude will be there for half finished works also. If we start doing some work and in between, we were forced to stop then we can't concentrate on the other work what that was to be done by us. So it is advisable to finish the work on hand and then shift to the next job. But before starting the work we should make a priority list and go as per that priority.
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