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    We have agreed to disagree and move on.

    It is human nature to have our own views on a problem. It's a fact of nature that every problem has more than one solution. Now here lies the problem, at meetings, in an argument, in a discussion, in a relationship, in politics etc two people or two sides keep the issue ongoing repeatedly putting forth point after point to justify their views with neither side willing to even think about the views of the opposite party.

    In this gridlock situation, things come to standstill, progress is stalled, benefits are not transformed into reality, the atmosphere is charged with tension and unhappiness.Sometimes the pressure builds up like a powder keg and explodes spoiling relationship, friendship and interpersonal understanding.

    So, it's better to agree to disagree and move on, revisit after some time and make way for progression rather than continue unabated and head towards destruction.
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    it is true. When more heads are there, more opinions and more arguments. It is natural. None of the parties doesn't want to give away easily their opinion and accept the other's point. So the discussion will go on and finally, something will happen. But the decision arrived at may not be the best because of the arguments and finally who argues loudly will see that his version is accepted. This will make the other person unhappy as his view is not considered. Actually, the argument makes us very unhappy as we have a fight with your friends, family members and relations. This is mainly due to the ego problem of Individual. So it is always advisable to review the things together on the basis of the merits of the post and don't look it as So I feel it is better to openly tell if you are not accepting and go ahead instead of unnecessarily arguing and making unhappy things, This is always a better way of doing the things rather than unnecessarily go on arguing and making other people unhappy.
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    Only one reply, Thanks for the reply Dr.Rao, nice reply, when opinions and views are expressed neither side gives up, leading to arguments, at times it's the thought process to prove that I'm right and at times our ego comes in the way of acknowledging the other.But it's good to move on rather than getting stalled with the same discussions.

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