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    Wondering the great humanity in our people

    For the past four days sever rain havoc playing in many parts of Tamilnadu especially in Chennai. Many people are suffering in almost all parts of the city, I do agree but nobody is realizing that they themselves are major cause for the water stagnation as they are throwing the wastages etc into drainage canals and expecting the Goverment should clean them as it is their duty. They forget to think who is government. Secondly in the pattering rain people stagnating in roads, as displayed in television, but it is pity to note that they are telling no bus is available by forgetting the bus drivers also human. People should plan to return before rain or should avoid going in rain by noticing the warning through televisions.
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    The title either shows the sarcasm or should be worded differently.
    Yes, agree with the author, we are often responsible for the problems we face. Here lack of civic sense, lack of proper garbage disposal, lack of good patent drains, lack of regular maintenance of stormwater drains, lack of regulated development, lack of adherence to construction norms have all made the rains a major force of nature that brings life to a standstill. I read a newspaper article, wherein one police/administration official has said they have done more than UK and USA in the face of natural events like flooding.

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    The 2015 memories of severe flooding of Chennai streets and the nightmare they faced are being revived in many areas as the rains were much even this time and the authorities were caught once again napping. The worst of part of Chennai is that the drainage and storm water treatment system is worst and that is the reason being so many low lying areas are with knee deep water. And more over where ever there are water sources that area has been made into flats and now the owners are facing the tune. Coming to the humanity point of view, when every one is suffering naturally the blame game for their every years suffering like this would be vent on each other and there wont be any respect or humanity against the sufferings of the people is continuous. TN government must call upon qualified Engineers meet and take suggestion as to how to improve drainage system to avoid further choking in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The problems we are creating is disturbing this nature very severely. Because of these ill-doings, only nature is behaving in very different ways. Protecting the environment is the main concern for the person. But we never care for that environment instead of taking care of that we abuse the environment. So we are getting these problems like cyclones, Cutting trees, using more motor vehicles, using air conditioners too much, smoking and leaving carbon gases leaving industrial effluents into the atmosphere without using any treatment procedures and destruction technics are the various acts of the people which are creating environmental problems.
    These days it has become a fashion to criticise the government for all actions. As a citizen of this country, what is the responsibility we are taking is not being thought. Always we want the government to do everything and we never thought that it is the basic responsibility of a person to take of the atmosphere and see that there will not be any abuse of atmosphere.

    always confident

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