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    Do you agree the most intellectuals and educated people are raking controversies?

    There is a poem in Telugu that tells the importance of Education and how the educated person should behave the society if the educated misbehaves in the society the poet compared it with the elephant bathing where the elephant goes for a bath in the river immediately it will come to the banks of the river again splash mud on her.As we all know that uneducated person is calm and earning his bread and butter.The most educated and intellectual persons are raking the controversies and creating unrest in the society. The recent incident is Professor Kancha illaih wrote a book on Vysyas as 'Social smugglers ' is one of its kind.Do you agree the most intellectuals and educated people are raking controversies and creating unrest in the society?
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    There are many kinds of educated intellectuals out which some spend their valuable time on discussions at various levels to the society, some rake up controversies as if they are the authority to the cause. And coming to the behavior of so called Kancha Illaiah. He is called learned professor. But he would be in news for wrong reasons and prolong the issues until it gets big . Why he should have a dig at community and what wrong they have done. If some one has to live in peace here, they have to be caution and behave with all community. Just because you are educated and intellectual, that does not give you guarantee to criticize others and soon a revolt banner is imminent. And he was in news earlier for wrong reasons as it seems he want s to get public attention on issues of no importance and then prolong it. Because of him the intellectual fraternity is getting bad name. And why the court and police are not acting on his works that creates commotion.
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    The separate Telangana issue is raked up by an intellectual and a Professor of Osmania University by name Prof. Kodanaram. Ultimately it has become a very big issue and people who are power centred came into the picture. Finally, Telangana came. KCR the gainer. Kodanda Ram is still like that. Now Professor is trying agitation against KCR also. So the intellectuals will start some issues. The political parties and leaders get the advantage.
    The issue of Kancha illaih is another point these days. These days the profession of people is not going as per the caste. There are many business people are there. They are all not from Vysya community. Many other caste people including SC/ST are there in business. So if you think that komattollu who are doing business is bad what about the other business people. It is the purely biased opinion of Kancha. Earlier he raised a controversy like this against Brahmins. Nobody will give weight to him. But intellectuals are supposed to create for good in the society. I don't know whether it is happening or not.

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    I would disagree, it would be some intellectual and educated people raking up controversies. There are many issues in the society today some of them very important to many sections and many religions, some of them unique to a particular geographic location and a particular group of people.There are also social issues that have a very strong and emotional past and a history of arguments and discontent. Take for instance, the issue of religion based clashes, water disputes between two states, the problems in Kashmir. We cannot discuss or solve this easily because of various parties and the history attached to it.

    It is in situations like this that some intellectuals who are better educated can write articles, prepare speeches, hold protest rallies to keep the issue alive for their own personal benefits, political ambitions and deep rooted views. On the other hand there would be some peculiar issue that many of us would not be aware of, this needs the help of intellectuals and learned authorities who can help to bring the problem to the notice of the larger public and the authorities. There are many unsung heroes that we have to thank to for. For instance Shaheen Mistri, CEO of Teach for India, having come from a respected family with plenty of education, she could identify that children from slums of Mumbai did not have education to get a decent job. So she founded Akanksha center that helps these underprivileged children to be able to get knowledge that will help them get a job.

    So, Like any thing in life, there would be some bad apples among the lot of intellectuals and learned men and women, most would be doing good service out in the open or quietly behind the eyes of the public.

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