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    Do you like argumentative people?

    There are different types of people in the society. Some are talkative while some others are having reserved nature. Many people like goshipping while many others believe in discussions and arguments.
    These are the ones belonging to latter category which is of concern sometimes.
    A few people belonging to this category are very aggressive and argue everything that is possible on this earth. They are so argumentative that they will not agree to anything you say rather oppose it vehemently with their arguments.
    This type of peculiar people sometimes not liked by their friends but they do not bother and continue their arguments.
    What is your opinion, do you like such people?
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    Well, sometimes people who argue a lot, are disliked due to their adamant nature of not letting others prove their point. Sometimes though they are right, many times, they try to impose their ideology on others. Once they are convinced of a particular belief, they can go to any extent to prove their points. It could be their ego or an eagerness to prove others wrong.

    At times, it is necessary to put forth your points for discussion but again there are situations where you have to argue to win the arguments, although not recommended, being humans there are times when we lose our cool. In the process of arguments, we tend to close our minds for rational thinking and will refuse to give us an opportunity to rectify ourselves if we are wrong. This sort of behavior is not right and will be disliked by many.

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    I am a soft natured person and I go well with everyone outside ISC. But I argue at ISC to keep the forum interesting. I like argumentative people as they help to kill time.
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    I am not very good at arguing, hence I have thought certain times if I could argue well. Be it in the office or in your personal life, arguments are sometimes required. Only the crying baby gets milk. I meant arguing whenever necessary to stand for your right and to prove that you were right. I admire such people who have the ability to do so.

    At the same time, there is another set of people who argue for anything and everything. I am not with them and it pisses me off. They might not be right, but believes to be right and will fight for it rather than spending a moment to think from the other person's side. I think hardly anyone likes such people. They are just interested in creating scenes and they believe it is a big thing to do so.

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    There are people who like arguing almost on every little thing. I am a quiet person so I stay away from such people.
    It is always good to stay with people who follow a positive attitude.

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    I don't think we have to argue to make our point understood by all. Discussions are required to understand the things properly. In case there is a difference of opinion between two arguments leads to finding who is at fault. You say I am wrong. I say you are wrong. But if we discuss the subject properly by understanding the issue correctly, we can come to a conclusion that which point is correct and which point is not correct. Arguments unnecessarily lead to raising our tempers and misunderstandings will crop up. If we have a discussion around the point, one can understand the point of other. They can use their brains properly. If egos are kept aside for a while beautiful solutions will come out of discussions. So I always stay a little far from arguments but I am open to discussions where I will put my opinion point blank and also get into the shoes of others to understand their view on the subject. This will always help me in making out logical decisions on many matters. so my advise to all is be away from arguments and be open for discussions.
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    I certainly don't like aggressive or rude people. I don't mind people who are argumentative to assert their viewpoint in a normal tone. You can learn a lot from argumentative people. If you are reserved or docile, people consider you as a push over and take you for a ride very often. Many of us are educated but we lack the street smart sense of standing our ground, voicing our views, adapting to the outside world.

    Interacting with argumentative people has helped me to learn a lot.I just focus on who less inhibited are when they have to convey no or decline an offer, who quickly they have a backup point to continue the debate or argument, who they do not give up easily. Generally people tend to be careful when they speak to such people. Interacting with assertive people who do not give up easily also helps you to learn few things as to how to handle yourself in the outside world, how not to take no easily, how to keeping pushing until we get the results. This is because we live in a world where the meek are trampled, the docile are duped and the shy are shunned.

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