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    Do you live up to the expectations of others?

    We are not in this world to live up to the expectation of other people.But there are certain people who suppress their likes and interest and make sure they are living up to the expectations of others. Is this actually required?

    To be liked and approved by others, we need to dress up their way, speak and behave how they like. At the end what do we get? Just a good name from the society for all that we have suppressed our likes the entire life. Do you feel that it is worth it?

    I am not saying we should go against the society. In certain cases, we need to see them, as well but that does not mean the entire life has to be lived the way they like.

    I hate the fact that people are so jobless that they have time to peep into others lives to find the blame.
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    Definitely not!
    I have been taught certain values in my life to differentiate between what is right and wrong. It is also a fact that we can never live up to the expectations of others., nor should we try to. If we will live to match the expectation of others we will lose ourselves.

    One of the ways to make your life simpler is to, not expect anything from anyone and not to live what others expect you to.

    You have a life, correct yourself when you are wrong, don't be afraid to take a decision, if they are wrong, you will learn a lesson.

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    Yes, we have to live upto the expectations of our parents, elders even to our wife/husband and child/children. Even if we want to curve out our separate path, in more than 90% of cases, it is not possible due to societal/peer pressure and various obligations. When time comes to fulfill our aspirations, our body doesn't permit to pursue our dreams. This is truth.
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    We need not think of others and their expectations in our living. We will have our own challenges and tasks in our life. We have to overcome the problems and lead a happy life. Many people may think about you many things and they expect many things from you. But we need not suppress out interest and wishes to satisfy the others. But some people always think about other people. They may think if I talk like this, they may get hurt and they may dislike us so on and so forth. This is not a correct attitude. As long as we are not harming anybody and what we are doing is ethical and will not damage anybody we need not worry about others feelings and wishes. So we should always work on a correct path and see that our goals, our ambitions and our desires are fulfilled. When we have the chance to get things done properly finish it, don't start thinking about others.
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    No one needs to survive to reach others expectations. We are our own best buddies. We do not have to put a happy impression to people by troubling ourselves. Life is already very short. We should just need to keep our parents happy and reach their expectations. What other we can do is to not hurt anybody's sentiments.
    There are people who are very soft and nice and they try to keep everyone happy and in that position they land up losing their peace. This also makes them worry about any particular situation, just because they think everybody should be happy, they themselves end up in tensions.
    So, just do what is possible for you, it is nice to keep others happy, but without disturbing your inner happiness and peace. It is not possible to keep everyone happy. So, just enjoy your way and have peace.

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    Everybody has expectations from us, our families, our teachers, our friends, our realtives, our superiors at work and many people whom we come acrros in our lives. The beggar at our regular bus stop smiles with an expectation that we give him money. The staff at a resturant serve well with an expectation that we tip them, during any major festival, the security people, the cleaning staff and the garbage collectors all wish us with an expectation that we give them some money. These are expectations that can be ignored completely or fufiled to a practical extent.

    Then there are expectations from people at work,that you should greet them, you should offer a cup of coffee,you should stand up when a superior comes by you, a coroporate office expect you to be smart even with a fake smile but not your normal self. These should not trouble you at all, these are just whims and fancies of people with whom we interact at the professional level.

    The true group of people whose expectation we should live up to are our parents, who expect us to be cordial, our spouses who expect us to be loving and caring, our children who expect us to play with them, taken them out, buy them toys etc. Expectation of true humans and family are the ones with priority, then comes the people who decide our careers or promotions, it doesn't harm to be nice to them.

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    Those who are most sought after by others, those who has most fan following and those who are most liked by the elders, it is the indication that the person is obeying and living to the expectations of others. If elders vouch a person that he or she is good that is the biggest certificate. Normally elders wants the boys and girls to listen to them and their advise be followed. If the child is attentive and listens to all the advise of the elders, that will give enough satisfaction to them and they shall spread the word that the child is good. So be attentive, be cordial and be reachable to others. You will be most liked.
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    The total life of human is based on somewhat expectation in this universe. If we are not dancing to the tune of others how can we expect others to dance to our tunes? My Guru used to say if you want others to obey your words first of all you should obey others. We everybody living and pulling our daily life with some expectations only. With the expectation of salary only we are going to office daily, if our expectation is not fulfilled what will be our position? A father expecting that his son would take care of him in his old age. A mother is expecting a good delivery when she is in pregnancy. A son is studying in school with expectation of that his father would help him for his higher studies. So, we have to dance to some level to the other's expectations and we should make up our mind to that only.

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    There is no question of living up to the expectations of others. In my case I live as I want. However in a society where I am living I am forced to be a socially acceptable man. For that I may have to adjust accordingly. But it is only something which one has to do to be a social being. That behaviour is only something that is making me a socially acceptable man.
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