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    Can the Indian badminton success story motivate fellow Olympic sportsperson.

    There are many disciplines in sports that needs attention and development to groom and produce world class winners. Apart from cricket, currently badminton is in the news for all the right reasons

    PV Sindhu is currently ranked No:2 in the World, K.Srikanth has achieved another milestone by becoming World's No:2, HS Prannoy and Saina Nehwal are currently placed at World No:11. These are rankings at the global platform and are no mean feat to achieve.

    What has gone well for the Indian badminton team so far. What has motivated them and worked for them to reach levels that every Indian is proud of. Can we learn from them and implement in other kinds of sports so that we can prepare our sportsmen and sportswomen for the Olympics and get more medals and accolades for them and the country.
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    Accidently fell on this thread, a good one too.

    The success of Indian Badminton will or rather should motivate other sportspeople as well, with cricket other sports should be encouraged and the funds which are allocated should be utilized in the best way possible so that exceptionally talented sportsmen and women can come forward and play for the country.

    I guess down south in Chennai, chess is encouraged and taught in schools if I am not wrong, and up in the north, basketball is more encouraged in schools. This is just my observation. If sports activity is started from the school itself and enough opportunity is given I am sure many more such talents will be visible and will bring accolades for our country.

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    The success of Indian Badminton will definitely motivate other sports people also. Indians are fond of cricket. From their young abe all boys want to be future Tendulkar. So before they start going to upper primary school they start playing cricket with ordinary sticks as wickets and bats. Now with the continues winnings of the cricket team are attracting more and more boys and girls into that game. The Badminton game started getting the attention of many with recent victories by Indians in that game. There are many efforts behind the victories in this game. The expert players of yesteryears like Gopichand wanted to train the upcoming players and want to share their skills and technics in the game with future international players. They started their own training schools give training to many. Like this in other sports also the expert players should start good coaching institutes and the governments should help them. Then the young people will show interest and start learning the game. In India, there is no dearth of people. There are many boys and girls who want to learn and shine in the game. Only they should get the required help and motivation.
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    thanks for sharing your views, the spectacular success of individuals or team that represent India in the global sports arena will definitely encourage other sportspersons and coaches also to aim to break into the world rankings/winning at international competitions.

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