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    Daydreaming or night dreaming better?

    Which is your choice - Daydreaming or night dreaming? If you are daydreaming, you can choose what to dream even though it creates a distraction. You can also continue the dream later. But when it comes to dreams at night, you have no idea of what you are dreaming and it cannot be continued once you wake up. You might see more than one mixed dreams while sleeping, sometimes scary, sometimes happy and sometimes we wake up tensed. It is said that our subconscious mind is awake and hence we see dreams at night.

    While daydreaming you won't get nightmares but it will be short and you might not get the feel of a night dream. Do you agree? But those things you actually haven't achieved in life can be made true through daydreams; isn't it?

    Which one is better and which one do you prefer?
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    Whether it is a daydream or a night dream, realising the dream is very important. Simply dreaming is not enough. Realising those dreams is very important. In my opinion dreams are your aspirations. Everybody should try to realise his aspirations. Daydreaming is thinking about a very absurd thinking of happenings. All of a sudden becoming a rich man by getting a lottery is an example of daydreaming. During my childhood days, I have a friend. He is from a very poor family. He is not good in studies. He used to spend time just like that. The village elders used to use for miscellaneous things to get done. So he was having access to them and their houses. He used to go and sit in those houses and used to think that he is a very rich man. This is a daydream only. He never attained anything in his life. Finally, he has become a village postman and continuing in the same way. So standing on the ground and thinking about realities is very important.
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    I would prefer night dreaming. Day dreaming has a connotation that its not good, it's being lazy or it's wasting ones' time. We've seen or heard elders and teachers scolding children that you will improve only when to stop day dreaming. Day dreaming is often used by many as a means to escape from real life problems, sometimes it can give some answers but mostly can end up with the person often using it to live in a parallel world than the real world.

    Night time dreaming is often subconscious, can be influenced by our fears,watching too much of TV late in the night etc. Some do believe that early morning dreams come true. Night dreaming feels real many times to me. Dreaming both day and night has one thing in common, time is spent, so better to spend that time while we are asleep.

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    Neither day dreaming or night dreaming is better, but early morning dreaming would turn out to be reality and many have benefited through it. In our culture we call Brahma Muhurtham which happens to be two hours before the sun rise every day. If any wishes and boon sought from the God at that time. he would be pleased to grant the same as you have forgone the early morning good sleep which every one likes and thus the favor. Moreover elders also used to say that those who dream in the morning with some luck sequences, they are going to be benefited with the same as the dream would be fore-say.
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    Dream is the manifestation of our sub-conscious mind. It reflects the incidents or memories which deeply influenced our sub-conscious mind. I don't attach any additional significance to dream or dreaming. All dreams (day-dream/night dream/ evening dream) are same to me.
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    Night dreaming is essentially needed for human minds to relax and re-arrange the day's activities into long and short-term memories. We cannot choose to night-dream, it's an activity of the brain. So, we are left with only day-dreaming but again only day-dreaming and no steps taken to achieve it is useless.

    Given a choice to dream, I would choose to dream in the night rather than in the day.

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    Though daydreaming is not considered good, still it makes you feel good as you have control over them as the situation, plot and story of your dream are chosen by you but still, we know that its meaningless most of the time and just wastes your time.
    While dreaming at night seems to broaden our imagination we are in a zone where we have no control over ourselves and our thought process still we find them fascinating even if they are bad dreams they are always unexpected and in them also we have some part which we like.
    Many people remember their dreams in the night many do not. am among the ones who don't remember the dream but just the fact that it was a good dream and its fine for me but when there is no dream sleep seems less worthy as these unexpected dreams make an activity like sleeping interesting.

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    I have never had any daydreams, but I had a lot of night dreams. I do not remember all, but some I see I just keep running in my dreams. I feel dreams just happen. I do not find any link to the dreams, it just happens. We see strange dreams when we are asleep, the main reason is they will just come into our sub-conscious mind, and will keep happening until you do not open up your eyes.
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    Seeing the reasoning of the thread author, I would like to day dream. Let me have every night good sleep without any dreams.
    It is better to do something with our control rather than falling victim to something on which we have no control.
    So day dream.(Let me confide, some of my daydreams have become reality)

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