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    Why do we work hastily sometimes?

    In our daily life we have to carry out various works or jobs and everyone has his own way to attend to them.

    Many people do the jobs in a normal speed while there are a few who take up them in a hasty way. Even though there is sufficient time, they will try do it with a high speed and in many instances it leads to even accidents.

    The excitation and aggressiveness they show during such time is peculiar. They can not perform the jobs silently in a calm way.

    Why some people have such traits? Should we refrain from such a way of working?
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    Why we work hastily some times ? Well I say for many a times we work hastily for many reasons. Work pressure, no supervision of higher ups to tow our work, Multi tasking given with lesser time to complete and over all how to reach home without getting late are some of the reasons to which we succumb and finish the work hastily. But never realize that the same work done wrong or having some errors or mistakes are again reverted back to us and thus increasing further work accountability and pressure. As far as possible we should not waste time in discussing issues with the fellow workers and even skip the lunch for finishing the work so that the immediate boss also watch our performance with dedication. Normally management wont like those employees who finish the work fast and thus doing it leisurely and rightly is highly recommended.
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    When there are many works are on hand and they are to be finished at the earliest we will tend to go hastily on to those jobs. But there is no rule that all works done fast will go wrong. That depends on the skill of the person doing the job. A work you have done at a normal pace may appear hasty to me. Because of the difference in skills and accuracy, different people will take different times for doing the same job. So it is not correct to think that works done fastly will go wrong. Fast or slow are relative terms. These days every employee, particularly in the Private sector, will be under tremendous pressure. They have to complete their works on that day before they leave the office. So sometimes we may have to attempt two or three works simultaneously and see that all things will go smoothly and the end result will be as expected. It is a housewife cooking three dishes simultaneously on three stoves. So this is the order of the day that you drink milk while running for another packet of milk.
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    Many of us grew up hearing that haste makes waste and many of us still do to a varying degree without much choice. Many things these days are done at double speed, faster & faster. I think it's just an attitude of current life and the desire to get things done in a short period of time.
    The bus drivers who don't even stop before the poor old lady can get down from the bus, the two-wheeler who keep honking despite the signal being red, the people who go beneath the barrier at the railway crossing all do it out of habit and individual choice even though there is time.
    If you watch the TV channels on news and finance updates, the anchor keeps speaking at such a fast speed that we would be struggling to even to understand the meaning of it.I think we should change slowly as unless there is a genuine emergency, we need to give the job in hand the appropriate time and attention that it demands.

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