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    Is it good or bad having the rank system in Education?

    In olden days any Education whether it is school or college or a competitive exam there are rank systems to compare with one to another.But today there is no rank systems in Exams in school, college and even in some competitive exams. Instead or ranks they are giving grades. because of so many reasons like putting pressure on students, as the Educational institutions publish in Newspaper, their students got so and so ranks to lure more and more people join in their educational institution. There is a say in Sanskrit 'Spardhaya vardate vidya' means Competition allows you do more better.Is the rank system is good or bad in the Education system?.Knowledgeable members please respond to the question.
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    In fact I am of the opinion that ranking system was good than the grading system. If ranks are there, surely there could be healthy competition among the toppers and performers. Those who are already a ranker and they have every chance of improving over the previous one. In grading system those who obtained 92 marks and above are placed as the distinction and that many not give the the right picture. For example a student got 92 and a student who got 99 is also considered as distinction student but in reality there are vast difference marks wise and even total wise.
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    How did Ranking System benefit me?
    The Ranking system helped me to see where I stood in the class and gave me the motivation to improve my ranking system, to move ahead, that became my motivation. After I completed my schooling, my marks helped me to get admission in a good college. After college, when I look back to students who just passed and who topped the class, I see them in the same position.

    In interviews, the only basic criteria is throughout first class so even if you score 99% or 60 %, once you clear the interview, you will earn the same amount.

    Why all the pressure on kids to get decent rank? Grading has truly reduced the pressure on kids but has it served the purpose of giving quality education? It has failed to give so.

    Both ranking and grading have its own benefits and drawbacks. I personally feel there shouldn't be grading system, ranking system should be there but not to analyze the kid's ability or to make the child feel guilty for failing.

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    I am for the ranking system.
    We should know who topped. We adore Tensing because he climbed on the Everest. Is it not a feat in itself to be acknowledged and admired? Is it justice to equate Tensing's feat along with another who reached the top of a smaller mount?

    Do we treat or group all the horses that run in a horse race, same? Jackpot is always Jackpot. The best of the best.

    In lottery run by the same governments who support the grade system, they have just one First Prize or one Grand Prize. Why the same compassionate sympathy is not shown there? One who has just one number wrong loses by lakhs and crores.Just one number. He has to be satisfied with the mere meagre consolation prize. Everyone accepts that.

    It is a psychological pleasure for anyone to know that he is the best, The tiredness of all the steep climb is compensated by the credit of reaching the peak. That pleasure should not be taken away by declaring all those who came to the base camp as winners. If so there would not be anymore Tensing.

    The ranking system recognises and encourages the winners. The grade system just encourages participation.

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    I think it is better to have ranking system in education. It motivates children to study and also it increases a spirit of competiveness in them. If there is no ranking system, I do not know how it will work. In olden days there was ranking system and things used to go smoother then. Later on it got changed to Grade system, whatever the name, children's were given a value worth their performance. Knowing that helps them to compete, if not with others at least with their own old marks. So that they can achieve better results next time. A feedback of their performance is always better for a child to improve.
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    The grading system replacing the ranking system has not made much of a difference, there is still great demand for tuitions, extra coacing, special coaching etc.There is still pressure but of a different kind.
    Ranking should be there, this should not be misused to hurt others. I have seen parents of rank holders showing an air of authority or talking down a fellow student who has gone beyond the 10th rank. There should be healthy competition,ranking should motivate everyone to try and achieve, at least they will be better off from their current place.It would make them competitive.
    When it comes to allotting a professional course or a job, ranking should not be the sole deciding factor, there should be adequate weightage for sports, talent and academic performance throughout the particular year and aptitude. Ranking is good for a single assessment provided teachers and parents have the maturity to take it in the right sense and not harm the child who's way down the ladder. They should infact, focus more on these students, give them the guidance they need and bring them up the ladder too.

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