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    Home remedies to note

    For immediate rescue some homely remedial measures as below:
    *Mixture of milk,ghee and honey can be consumed daily to get stronger tissues
    **paste made of Nutmeg,pepper and sandel can be applied to get rid of pimples in face.
    ***Footsoar can get cured by applying paste made with lemon juice and urad dhal powder.
    ****Leaves of shankpushpi creeper can be made chutney and frequent usage cures asthmatic problems.
    *****Applying pure coconut oil in face and washing after 10minutes with moongdhal powder gives glitterness in face.
    ******Munching well with black/white sesame will strengthen teeth and prevent shake in teeth.
    *******Frequent use of mint leaves chutney is highly useful for any stomach disorders
    ********For weight reduction in body consuming a glass of warm water mixed with two spoonful of honey and juice made of half lemon
    *********Eating fig frequently purifies blood well and cures skin disorders
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    The author has once again shared house hold remedies for various uses and the items mentioned there in are always available at each home and thus the tips may be followed and get benefited.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good tips. These days this kind of tips are appearing on almost all social media. Many people write many things.They say you do this, your weight will come down. Somebody says you do that your vision will improve. So I am very much confused which to follow and which not to follow. For all Ayurvedic medicines and allopathy medicines, it is mandatory to specify the ingredients in the medicine and the authenticity of the formulation are to be printed on the packet. They say this medicine contains the following ingredients and the formulation is aper the standard book or research paper like that. But in social; media there is no such guidelines. So everybody writes whatever they have seen. But in ISC Ramachandran is known for his knowledge in this field and we take his suggestion well valid. Thanks to the other for the information.
    always confident

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    Excellent list of simple home formulations for common conditions. Agree with Dr.Rao, many medications need to be authenticated. There are many what's up forward for hypertension, constipation and high cholesterol. Recently I got a what's forward of drinking 2 tsp of good Olive Oil twice a day for diabetes and the person says he has not taken any insulin for 6 months. One more was a mixture of powder for all cancers given for Rs 150 only. If these are true then it becomes a valuable tip. But Such things are difficult to be proven or believed unless we know the source of it. Thanks to Mr.Ramachandran, I don't think we need to verify these common ingredients as we have been taking this for many years and he is from our ISC family.

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    Thank you for sharing the tips with us. The weight reduction tips are always seen on networking sites but I do not know how far these works. Also people share tips on reducing cholesterol levels, sugar levels etc When I read the comments below these posts it says they tried and didn't see any results.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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