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    Spot but noval punishment for erring person against swachh bharat

    Various steps are being taken to improvements in the sanitation system in various parts of our India through the swachh Bharat scheme. Recently on 4th of this month, at the Bus Stand of a small city called Aranthangi of Pudukkotai district of Tamil Nadu the sanitary municipal officials found some guys passing urine in open,public place catch them and asked them to write 100 times as 'hear after I will not pass urine in public place' in a white paper by providing paper to them and then only he left them free.
    This is novel punishment and similar punishments to be given to the persons erring like this instead of asking them to pay monetary fines. In this punishment many public people will see them writing and peep themselves what they are writing and why they are writing, so that they themselves avoid in doing so also. Applause to the concerned officials.
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    It is really a novel punishment. Generally writing an imposition is to the students who don't know the spelling correctly or who have not studied the subject properly. It will be given to students much time to make them correct in that particular word or answer. Like this the police also make them write and left them. If those persons are sensible and feel guilty, they will not repeat that action again. But if they are not sensible they will repeat the same act in some other place. Nature and mentality of the person have to change. Otherwise, they will never feel ashamed. Another punishment which will have a lot of impact on people is taking them around the village on foot by displaying a placard saying that people who passed urine openly in public place. It will be a shame to the culprits and at the same time other people will not dare to do that as they know the punishment awarded by [police to other people who committed a similar mistake.
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    Good idea and unusual by the municipal officers.Such kind of 'simple penalties' keeps happening. I've seen traffic inspectors stopping wrong side two-wheelers, taking their keys and asking them to come after 1 hour or come to the police station. I've seen good senior constables taking the weights of a weighing scale from hawkers and after sometime giving it back. In this case, yes although they are writing, it draws the attention of the people around them and makes the youths feel bad,

    I think we can look at using Community Service for these violations. In western countries, many courts order Community service - they work in the municipal sector - cleaning the street, working in a food center for the poor, wherein they help the staff serving food or cooking etc. The idea here is the rule violation or act in question is not major compared to other crimes, but needs some form a penalty. The community service hopes that when they serve the public, their awareness will improve. Whatever we do, it should be regularly practiced so that people know that if the urinating on the walls, they'll have to write an imposition. One Tamil movie shows a water tanker from an NGO that sprays water on such people.

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