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    Hang your anger at home. Take peace with you and be calm and composed.

    Now a days every one gets angered even for small matter. Right from the little kid to the elders, every one is loosing their cool and stoop upon arguing even on petty matters of not much importance. We can see people loosing their anger against the cab driver, auto walah, vegetable vendor and even at the laundry and tailor shops. Give the people their own time to serve for us. We cannot demand anything at once and never ask others to perform urgently for you and that is the start of irk between the two.
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    It's truth or the day. Everyone in today's world lives under pressure. Even small kids have lot of home works and preparation for the future classes or entrance exams. On top of that they need to perform in extra curricular activities well. Rarely they get time to play with happiness. This will create pressure on them. Even elders have pressure from boss and others in the workplace. So finally all this anger will end up in being impatient on small mistakes of others. As they can't shoe the anger on people who pressure them . They will show it on people like cab driver and vegetable vendor.

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    Very true sir, I think it's a change that has creeped in slowly and now we get annoyed at many things in day to day life and take it out on the person who's least to reply back or a docile person. For instance, the supervisor having a bad day at home and give a bad day for everyone at the office, the child who gets scolding from father but takes it out on mother and grandparents. Seniors getting angry and shouting at juniors at work places.
    There are some instances wherein we have to tolerate a little bit of injustice or a setback for no fault of us.We are in time for a meeting, everyone turns up late, we pay our bills correctly at a restaurant but do not get proper service, we are patiently standing in the queue at a shopping mall but the billing clerk accepts the basket of somebody who comes in from the side. These are petty issues that hurt us and sometimes we loose our cool and show our anger. We need to ignore such things and show our anger in a constructive manner at all the injustice that happens around us.

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    I agree to a certain extent as taking out our anger on someone else is just going to help us ruin our own day. Some people do not have patience, hence they want them to be served quickly, irrespective of the situation. If delayed, they will start yelling at the other person. We should try to understand the situation of the other person before picking a fight. If he is actually wrong and delayed serving you for no reason, then I think you have all rights to show your anger on him. If it is the other way round, be patient and wait until your turn comes.
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    You are right Mohan, We should hang our anger on a hanger at home, and carry peace in pieces in a bag from our home and distribute it as and when required while we face the problems to be calm and composed with happiness and a smile on our face.
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    Many of us think that our vent of anger is only to others. It is always wrong as if the same is reciprocate from others as we are the victim for his or her anger. My father used to say if we got anger on any, 'put your anger in the hanger'. My grand father suggest me to count 'one to ten' mentally as our anger get vanished silently. There is a saying in Tamil,'kObaththodu ezhubavan nashtaththodu utkaaruvaan' which means 'one who raise with anger will sit with great loss' Many time gives hatred in us against the person on whom we show the anger.

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    We must not show our anger. We must channelise the anger is some other way to prove ourselves superior to those who are always ready to belittle us in front of others.
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    Anger in the home is equally unacceptable. Don't take it out on family members verbally and especially not physically.
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Sometimes it so happens we will get angry at someone. But we can't so that anger on them. So what we do is we will show the anger on somebody else who will keep silent when you are showing that anger. There is a saying in Telugu which means the anger on the Mother in law is being shown on the pot by a daughter in law. Whenever this mother in law scolds or take a class on her, the daughter in law gets impatient and go to the kitchen and spoil a pot there. Ultimately the sufferer is the husband who has to purchase pots very frequently. This will happen in many cases
    and many people. I If we are angry at our boss we can't shout at him. Hence we will go and shout on the subordinate who is cool and calm. This will definitely have a negative effect on the individual and will give some different results.
    The best way to deal with the anger is to reserve your anger show when the concerned person comes to you for a favour.

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    Anger is our own enemy and the title of the thread applies vice-versa too. We should not carry our stress and anger to a work place from home or from work place to home . We have to maintain a striking balance between being anguish and staying cool. It sometimes a small dose of anger too be needed to have an effective management to get the things done.

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    I don't think we should hang it at home either, why even hang it there. I believe we just let go of it and forget about the incident instead of letting it grow into grudge which can make us do unthinkable acts.

    So let's not hang it anywhere, we should just forget it and move on.

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    Varied response to this thread indicates that anger is the cause of getting bad name to us and we should keep calm at the home and outside.
    K Mohan
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    Anger is good sometimes.
    People feel anger at different times. If you experience an unjust treatment, hearing a criticism, not getting what you want, are few potential triggers for anger. It can range from mild irritation, frustration and fury
    Without feelings of anger you wouldn't take a stand against injustice. Anger is an alarm that tells us something is not quite right.

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    Anger is one of the character out of the nine characters that we portray. No man is a man without anger. We should get angry but that anger should not be harmful to self or others. We should get angry like a Cobra and threaten with the noise. Don't try to bite.
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