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    Is it true that only hard earned money will stay with us?

    Some people make money by lending their money to other people for interest. Such people easily become rich as to do that job you just need to be bold. If you can speak well and know how to get your cash back, then you are qualified to do that job. However I do not like that job at all as I believe people take money from you because they are in need and taking interest from them knowing their situation is not something I can do. But there are many people around us who do that. I

    I know one person in our compound who became rich by lending money on interest, but he has incurred lot of losses. He took 2 cars, both caught fire, he invested in a business, and the company had to wind up due to certain reasons. It is the money so earned he is investing in these and hence he is incurring loss is what people is saying. Ever since I started hearing that the doubt raised in mind. I would like to know whether it is true? What do you think?
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    Nope. It doesn't seem to be true. It holds good from philosophical point but is far from reality. If hard earned money is retained better, all coolies would be millionaires by now. Success's road has two paths: Hard work and talent.
    But the one's who work the hardest get the lowest salaries and the one's talented get paid heftily.
    Hone the talent. Make yourself what your work requires and your job requires a human not a machine.
    So, do what you are instructed but in an advantageous and a different way. That will bring you fame and money always follows the fame.
    Never work hard, work smart.
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    2. Ignorance.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It can be modified as the money earned legally will only stay with us. You are working for 8 hours and you are earning your salary. What you are doing is legal. Similarly legally we can lend money to people when they are in need. But the rate of interest should be as per the bank rules. Then that earning also legal. If you are charging a higher rate of income and if you are showing that income as your income and paying tax also there is no problem. That is also legal. But the people never show that as income and never pay tax. That is becoming black money. That is illegal. So hard earned money is the money earned by legally correct methods. Taking bribe is illegal. So people who are getting money through these illegal methods will suffer a lot in their life and they will lose that money in some way or the other. I have also seen who lost a lot of money which they earned by other ways. So let us not earn illegally and suffer.
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    I don't know if only hard earned money will stay with us but this I know for sure that money earned by wrong means will never stay or benefit you in the wrong run. It will always find its way out believe it or not. The curse will run through generations.

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    The saying that 'hard earned money stays back' is also retold as ' money with truth stays'. May be that if money possessed by somebody is earned through illegal means, it might not last. Here the implications are the same. If the money has come as a result of hard working then everybody will be careful in spending. But if the income is just because of winning a lottery or a prize money one will be lavish in spending. One will not give much importance to the value of that money.
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    I thing without hard work no one gave us money. In ISC, The points and cc will credited on the basis of words and quality of the content so there is no easy money, we have to work hard to get more.
    No, money will not stay with us for a long but yes if we value our money, will stay again. Money gains through legal or illegal does not matter it depends upon person. We should value our money we have and invest money to get more through that money by investing in investment plans. We have lots of expenses which is necessary to do so it depends upon us how could we invest.

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