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    Have you ever been a victim of peer pressure?

    Peer pressure mostly this term is used for blaming teenagers for everything they do wrong in groups, but this does not affect teenagers only even adults with high maturity levels get under its influence.
    They are ready to try new things if pressurized by friends and peers even though they don't want to do something but they end up doing those things.
    In some cases, this pressure results in devastating effects on the whole family of the person affected by this pressure.
    Addiction to alcohol, smoking, and many other wrong habits are sometimes inculcated because of this pressure.
    How was your experience with this pressure?
    How did you escape such situations?
    Is there any particular instance of your life where you almost gave up to this pressure but then survived because of your strong will and your family values.
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    Peers= people equal to you in abilities.
    We all need friends though we appreciate solitude. And to retain friendship for long, you need to spend time with them. And in those times, the things you've never tried before appears.
    People look a peer pressure in a negative way. Peer pressure could be this too- all your friends are good at dancing, so they beckon you to join. Many times succumbing to peer pressure is for your own good.
    But few times you need to make a choice. Draw a line between friendship and immorality.
    Have I been a victim of peer pressure? I thrive in pressure.
    Have you ever questioned yourself, "Can I cause peer pressure too?"
    If your answer is yes, then you needn't worry about ill-effects of peer-pressure.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    You can take a horse to a pond but you can't make it drink. Drinking water or not is purely the horses' prerogative. You can't force it by putting pressure on it. So it is not wise to force certain things on somebody we are not interested. As a top executive of a company, I have attended many parties. Different types of people will be there in the group. Some people are teetotalers, some are seasoned drinkers, some are company givers and some are addicted drinkers. I am completely a teetotaler. I never tasted any type of alcohol. Many people tried on me and put lots of pressure on me. But I never accepted anybody's request or pressure. I am a true vegetarian. I not even tasted an egg. Even when was in a country like China also I have not touched the Non-Veg. So no peer pressure works on individuals if they have the determination and if they are firm on their opinions. At the same time, I never pressurise anyone for any work which they don't like.
    always confident

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