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    Why this discrimination?

    A Political leader can contest from two constituencies. But a voter has to vote in his constituency only. He can't use his voting right in any other constituency,
    A political leader in jail can contest as MAL/MP in elections. But a person in jail can't use his voting right.
    A political leader having criminal cases can be a Minister or MLA or MP. He can visit any country. He will have his valid Passport. But a person having a case against him can't be a government employee, he can't be issued any passport and he can't travel out of the country.
    A person having his residence in one state can contest from another state.
    Why so many discriminations between a political leader and a common man. Is it correct? Do you accept? Why so many flaws in the system? No one bothered to correct it.
    What is your opinion?
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    I didn't know so much of discrimination was there between the common man and a politicial leader. If these are true, even I wonder why so much discrimination!
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    These are the really the issues to ponder over. Once a person becomes politician and gets elected either through position or opposition party, he is sure for being called a leader and special privileges starts. The government automatically gives many perks and allowances and he keeps on criticizing the same government for non actions on matters. And why the courts are also keeping quite on this major differences between common citizen and politician being sentenced or imprisoned. The law Ministry must look into it and respond.
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    Even I had wondered about this, shouldn't the criteria be that you should be an Indian to vote, after we do have a universal id, it can be used to detect how many votes were given. Maybe I am too naive to understand the system already implemented. But yes this thought had come to my mind.

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    Yes, this is a special privilege enjoyed by the politicians of South Asia. In India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (I don't know about Sri Lanka), anybody can submit his/her candidature for more than one Lok Sabha or Assembly seat. There is no bar or limit. Most probably, this proves the lack of confidence of the politicians!
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    Yes, this kind of discrimination needs to end. And the first step towards it has been taken by the supreme court of India by giving instruction about politicians facing criminal charges and cases and to make a special court for resolving such pending cases on politicians.
    As per data released in 2014 1581 politicians were there who were facing criminal charges and among 542 parliamentarians 112 are still facing criminal charges (21%) of the total number.
    All these instruction came after a PIL filed earlier I think more such steps will be taken if the public stands together against such discrimination government, the judiciary has to take strong and rapid action for ending this discrimination.

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    Wonderful contrast Dr.Rao, it makes the common man look like a criminal in comparison to the politician. I think our country is grown with the understanding that politicians are unique, they help us and they are beyond the law of the land in many respects. We should change this perception, politicians are appointed by the common man and they are civil servants who ironically should be cleaner than you and me to hold the esteemed offices of the public. Hope this changes in the future.

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    I am happy that at least now people are knowing that they are unequal. The inequality is kept preserved exclusively for their benefit by those who shout for equality and justice.
    Have any of us read about any MP or MLA who opposed this or who opposed the increase in facilities and cash benefits for them?

    Millions of innocent and naive, democratic minded, faithful voters do not know many similar matters .

    Please bear in mind that preaching and practice are entirely different. Ground realities are different. All are supposed to be equal, but "'some are more equal than others".

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    It is a known fact. Politicians rule our country. Who will bell the cat to make a politician and common man equal ? The public should not vote a politician who contests election from more than one constituency. Public should not vote the criminals who contest election. The public should have a will and bell the cat. I think, the people are changing themselves. The days are not far away to see a sea change in our country.
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