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    Astonishing co-incidence! Have you noticed it?

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a great freedom fighter. Many people (not all) consider him the top-most freedom-fighter of the country. Mohandas Gandhi consciously nurtured a second rung of leadership within Congress. There are some other leaders who became extremely popular because of their own charisma and sacrifice. The leaders are Ballabhbhai Patel, Subhas Chandra Basu, Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Jawaharlal Nehru.

    Today morning, I was studying the life of the aforestated four leaders. I have found a remarkable similarity among these leaders in one aspect. All these four leaders had only one child each, and the child was a daughter. Patel's only daughter was Maniben Patel. Subhas's daughter is Mrs. Anita Basu. Jinnah's only daughter Dina Wadia died only two days before. And Nehru's daughter needs no introduction.

    Did you notice this co-incidence earlier?
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    Really interesting revelation from the author. If one daughter child is the norm for their holding high esteem in the country, we must see details of other leaders who made such progress in recent past.
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    No, I was not aware of this coincidence. Interesting to know and thank you for sharing it.
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    Good information shared by Partha, But why only one lady, daughter of Nehru could become politician and Prime Minister of India? Why not the daughters of other famous politicians Patil, Jinnah and Bose? Would have been nice if they were also prominent in politics like Mrs Indira Gandhi.

    If they all had a son and daughter, they would have become Sambandies by getting their wards married to each other. Alas! They were politically united and could not unite domestically.

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    Maniben Patel was a two-time Lok Sabha MP from Gujarat. Jinnah's daughter was never been interested in politics. Her son and daughter are very famous in their own right. Netaji's daughter has never been interested in politics. She is a very renowned economist in Germany.
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    Good information by Partha. It may be a coincidence. But never noticed. As far as I know among the four again Mrs Indira Gandhi the daughter of Mr.Nehru is the most popular leader in India. Her brave decision like banks nationalisation and land ceiling done well to the country. But she was a lady with the highest craze for power.
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    That was really a great coincidence Partha Sir.. Nehru's daughter does not need an explanation. Because just like her father, she(Mrs. Indira Gandhi) was also an amazing lady.
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    Curious co-incidence Mr.Partha. Somethings can't be explained. A great leader grooms four potential successors, all have one daughter among whom two never got into politics, two who got into politics has left their mark.

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    Never noticed but glad you brought this to our notice. Except for Jawarhalal Nehru, never knew about the others.

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