Google Adsense says that Synchronous Ad code is being Used?

I have got the following notice from Google AdSense:

"Our studies have shown that visitors are more likely to stay on a site if the pages load quickly.
We've noticed you're currently using synchronous ad code which can potentially slow down your pages. Switching to asynchronous ad code means visitors can get to your content quicker because the ads don't get in the way of the content loading.
To switch to asynchronous ad code, click on "Get Code" for each ad unit listed below, and copy and paste the ad code on your site. Google Adsense has also provided the asynchronous ad code for the ad size IndiaStudyChannel.com_320x100. I do not know how to place this asynchronous ad code. Screenshot of the Google Notice is attached and the code generates is posted below but I have to confirm them that I have done it whereas I can not do it as I do not have permissions to edit the HTML editor of ISC. Please let me know if it will be taken care of by the webmasters or I have to do some extra work.