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    How many of you are affected by the sudden shutting down of Reliance communications mobile network

    Since the past many days Reliance communications mobile customers are not getting connectivity to their network. It has suddenly gone phut. No advance information No notice. Nobody from the company is available for contact. It is almost akin to shutting shop and absconding.

    As the network is shut, as the customer care is not reachable, users are left in lurch. Frantic messages pouring out people's grievance and anguish are totally ignored by the media, the govt, people's representatives and TRAI.

    RCom users are suffering from different kinds of losses as many of the people have that as their primary p[hone number . People are not able to do net banking or online transactions as OTP sent is lost because of no network. People face sudden communication breakdown because of the no-network. People are not able to port the numbers as they cannot reach the network.
    It is almost chaos for Reliance mobile customers.

    I am also a victim because that was my son's primary and main contact number and number given to many essential services. The prepaid balance available also is lost.

    How many of our members are facing the problem created by Reliance-mobile?
    What are the trauma due to that?
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    Thank God! I never thought of holding any reliance stuff, and did not have it at any time. Even I never went to a reliance petrol bunk with my Padmini. Now I see all the reliance bunks are closed. As an Indian, I rely on government controlled communication organisations viz BSNL for my communication. Reliance has proved unreliable.
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    sorry to hear about your difficulties. I had raised a thread earlier sir, Rcom has almost 46,000 crore debt and is slowly phasing off because it's merger fell through. When Reliance Jio came with huge freebies many were happy now slowly one by one the companies are crumbling. Hope they provide the number port facility to the unfortunate customers.

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    I had been using Reliance mobile since many years in Mumbai. So when I relocated to Kerala, it was easy and convenient for me to get a Reliance connection as I could get a circle transfer of my another Reliance phone (WLL).
    So the number was given at almost all places as communication number after my relocation.

    The closure was all on a sudden and without any notice. They remained in the dark after that. In all other cases we would have said they absconded. That is what they have done. Hope they do not flee from the country like some others.

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    Yes I was using Reliance GSM and where I would recharge the phone regularly, he has informed me and alerted that Reliance communication is going to shut down and therefore shift or MNP to Jio without hassle and with same number. Within four working days the phone number was successfully ported to the Jio family. But what I feel that Reliance should not do such hastily without giving public notice. Commotion and confusion among the customers and lots of whats app messages in this regard are making rounds. What about the dealers who were exclusively for Reliance either too. Why the TRAI has been set up and why that is mum on the issue. When Reliance launched Jio with much fanfare during demonetization itself, I thought it is about to close RC. and that has happened. If TRAI wont act, the Telecom players will shut down their shop after every generation they migrate and we have to litigate with the company.
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    I did receive two SMS stating the porting number code from RCom on my phone a few days ago. Now there is no signal, I have just applied to switch to another telecom provider.

    Maybe you received the porting code also, and it is sitting amongst your messages?

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    I have never used reliance phone. So I don't have any idea about these problems. I am using Airtel from the beginning. That is my personal number and the earlier company also has given me Airtel connection only. But the present company has given idea number. So I have to sim cars in one phone. One is the Airtel and the other is the idea.
    Probably in Telangana, the Reliance reps are more service oriented people than in Kerala. That is why Mohan was able to change to Jio but Venkiteswaran was not.

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    I also received two SMS with porting code, which is valid till 31 dec 2017. I not even sent porting request, but i think reliance is sending porting code to its mobile subscriber. Here in M.P. we even have signal. But today i switched to other operator. Hoping i will be changed to another operator smoothly.

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    It has been in News for too long that RCom is in red and will be shutting down its operations after RCom's attempt to sell out the company failed.

    In this case, I think you have got to blame yourself for your carelessness. Why did you not port out from RCom to some other service provider before RCom shut down their operations?

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    @614565, Reliance is not a popular operator in Kerala. They come below BSNL, Airtel, Idea etc and now Jio. Probably that was why the bad news about Reliance was not that much available in Kerala. I had read a general new that they may be slowly withdrawing their operations . But I never suspected that it will be so sudden and without any notice. When they closed their CDMA operations, they gave sufficient notice by everyday SMS and Voice messages.

    That they had closed without notice is proved from TRAI notice to them to explain reasons why they shut the network in Kerala and Shillong. This I saw in the net yesterday.

    As of now I had visisted the retail agent and ported the number to BSNL. At least that is what he told me. I am still not able to get through BSNL.It says network not registered. The retailer told me to wait for 7 days to complete.which is tomorrow. Let me see what happens.

    Internet has any number of complaints and grievances in this regard.
    A detailed self espereine article is available in website -( titled "How I was digitally paralysed by RCom: A true story".

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    At last today morning,(8th day after porting)I got my Reliance mobile number ported and transferred to BSNL. I have started using the BSNL connection with my old same number of reliance.

    I had incurred a loss of about 294 in this regard. 254 rupees as the balance available in the prepaid connection with Reliance mobile and Rs 50 taken by the private retailer for giving me a BSNL SIM and doing the verification. I could have avoided the 50 rupees, had I gone directly to BSNL office. But I was quite needing and somehow get out of the reliance trap. So I took the service of the same retailer who was dealing the Rcom service. He was actually reluctant to give bsnl, and he was pushing for 4g of Jio or Idea.

    In the meantime TRAI asked RCom to send porting numbers to the RCom users. In Kerala Vodofone has agreed to take the R Com numbers on porting and lent their network for facilitating porting. Ironically,interestingly, today evening, I got the porting number as sms in the bsnl connection.

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