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    In hostel life avoid people who neither studies themselves nor they let you study?

    Hostel life a phase of life we learn so many new things meet so many new people get acquainted with a totally new world where totally different people live.
    These people teach us so many important lessons of our life but sometimes these are the people who make our lives miserable.
    In some cases, we want to study but there are some people who keep disturbing us talking continuously neither studying themselves nor letting anyone else study. They keep talking despite knowing that the person in front is not interested in what they are saying and want to study.
    How to deal with such people? Such distractions?
    These distractions we can find anywhere but in hostel life, they take much of your time in which you can do something creative even if you are not studying.
    What do you call these people? Do they disturb others intentionally or its just their unintentional habit or nature?
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    Very relevant post raised by the author. Yes hostel life is very different without self control and without any adult supervision. The living just based on the whims and fancies of the hostelers . If the hostel is having boy and girl accommodations then the matter goes further worst. Being at hostel the students gets the lenience of taking extra time in conversing and cutting jokes with fellow students and thus invariably visit the room late and also at the mess the time wasted on unwanted matters and discussions. This kind of distractions have lasting effect on daily routines and going to sleep would get late. That means the very reason for staying at hostel is lost as the students should need have concentration of studies so that much time can be allotted. What I found that those who are staying in hostels have got lesser marks and performed average than the students coming from their home and studying at the school or colleges.
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    Hostel life in its true sense enables one to be self-reliant apart from money for students.It brings in responsibility for day to day activities and also gives them more time to focus on studies. There are numerous PG Hostel accommodation for young people who have just joined as a fresher in many companies. Most people are good natured with an aim while being in the hostel. Unfortunately, each hostel would have its share of inmates from rich families, political background, and disturbed families.There would be members whose only intention is to pass time, have fun, do nothing useful and spoil others.
    I think it's unintentional as their real aims in life are far different from the rest. They are often seniors who have been in the hostel for few years who always attract trouble. It's best to subtly ignore these characters and get on with our work or studies by changing our daily pattern, sometimes library, sometimes a friend's room, sometimes the common recreation room etc.

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    Not only in hostel life but always in life make sure to stay away from those people who don't do things nor let you do. Your friends has a very good impact on your personal and character development. So be friends with good people and stay away from lazy and crooked ones.
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    I stayed in the hostel for two years during my M.Sc in Andhra University, Waltair. For Ist year students double rooms and final year students single rooms were allotted. The mess was common. I was staying with my friend in one room in the first year. We used to go to mess late and we had an understanding with the cook. He will make separate breakfast for us. We used to pay him separately some money monthly. The final year students were used to spend more time on the campus only. They used to come late and sleep. But first-year students were not going out that much. We used to spend time more in the room only and complete the works in time. In the first year, we both got class first in all subjects. In final year we both go into separate rooms and in college also separate specialisations. I had a very good time in the hostel.
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    I have faced the same issues during my hostel life. There are different type of students or if I say species surviving there. Some are the very reserved type of people, some of them are highly talkative, some are like putting their nose into every little talk that people have. While there are some people who intentionally try to disturb the other person, just for the sake of seeing and noticing their activities, what they are doing. This will mostly happen during the exams time. Just to know on which part or which chapter the other person has arrived, the fellow student will ask the same to you, "how many units have you completed, you must have completed all I must say?" These type of questions are being asked from the talented and toppers. These type of things are also seen if we talk about girls, if they have to go on a party or an outing, another girl will tend to ask you that what are you going to wear, to have a much better outfit than you.
    It is hard to get rid of people who unnecessarily put their nose in your talks, the best thing we can do is to not open the doors when they are knocking or just avoid listening their conversations, they will slowly and steadily understand that you are not ready to talk with them and do not like their company.

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