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    What would you do in this situation?

    This is to know how do you act during a situation. What would you do if the situation prevailed as below:-
    1. Due to bad weather in Chennai, the Air services from Mumbai to Chennai got cancelled, and you got a Tatkal train ticket to Chennai Central. You are now travelling alone in a train from Mumbai to Chennai to attend an important function in which you are the Chief host. Nothing will move without your presence. Your train is scheduled to reach Chennai only few hours before the start of the function.

    2. Due to heavy flood caused by north-east monsoon, the railway track has been washed away. The train has come to a standstill after Raichur. The train cannot start until the tracks are replaced. It would take two days.

    3. You have only Rs. 200 and a SBI debit card in your purse.

    4. The bus/taxi operators also have stopped their services to Chennai.

    5. The validity of the SBI debit card expired on the previous day, but you have a good sum in the bank.

    6. You are holding a Mobile phone, but communication is not possible with Chennai due to bad weather.

    7. Your absence in the function would cost a great loss of many crores.

    What would you do to reach Chennai to attend the function?

    @This is a fun activity from Sun of ISC.
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    First let us know the distance between Raichur and Chennai. The decision will depend upon this answer.
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    Please use Google map to find Raichur and Chennai, and the distance, facilities etc..

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    1. Due to bad weather in Chennai, the Air services from Mumbai to Chennai got cancelled,.
    2. Due to heavy flood caused by north-east monsoon, the railway track has been washed away.
    3. The bus/taxi operators also have stopped their services to Chennai.

    So, no participant would be able to attend the function. Therefore, the function has been postponed till further notice. There is no need to reach the venue.

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    Is it a trick question Mr.SuN?, when there is major floods and people are risking their lives daily, No Government or Private party will hold a function where in many can attend( you are the chief guest).

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    Only one answer for this is the postpone the function. TheForce Majeure clause is to be applied. Anyhow nobody can reach that place because of the natural havoc. You can go back and attend other works in Mumbai.
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    For first time I am coming across a chief host who is very poor. Now a days who ever have to travel long distance for any work carry sufficient cash and credit cards. Moreover if the person seems to be important, there may be people who would make arrangements for his alternative move. He just cannot chalk out programs without second alternative to reach the destination. And by the way the when the weather is worst no program shall takes place nor any invitees would come and grace the occasion. It is understood that such programs has to be canceled or postponed for future date.
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    Members, No one can predict the weather. The function was decided in advance to have in a cool month November. Postponing would also cost heavy loss to the organizers. What to do and how to do?
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    Raichur to Mysore Government bus charges is Rs 160-170/-. Take the bus, call up family at home and tell them crores would be lost and ask them to wire transfer money to you at a Western Union outlet in Mysore.

    1.With that hire a good executive car or a Zoom car and drive down to Chennai ( 6hours). or
    2. With that money take a fast cab to Bangalore airport. With the mobile phone book a flight ticket from Bangalore to Pondicherry ( 1hr:15 mins), while booking ask them to arrange an emergency cab service from the airport to the venue in Chennai via the ECR road (2 1/2-3 hours), so that your journey is not interrupted.

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    I too feel the only option is to postponed the event. When there is a natural calamity, first of all who will keep a function and secondly no one will be attending it. I agree that the event was planned in advance and changing the date would incur loss but isn't incurring loss a common thing when natural calamities occur? If I was the host I wouldn't go as I wouldn't want to risk my life. Also when you are going for such a function and for a long trip, isn't it obvious that we will carry money.
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    Dear Members,
    Postponement of function in the absence of the chief host is not possible. All are expecting that the chief host (You) will arrive by train positively. Since communication was not possible, no one could be contacted to inform the situation. Due to heavy downpour at Raichur and surrounding areas, you are not able to move out of the train coach. You haven't got an umbrella or rain coat to move out.

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