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    Money saved is money made

    Many times I hear people talking about as below.
    "Oh! Only 10 rupees more! Leave it. How does that matter?"
    "I have to pay only 100 rupees more, its ok it doesn't make much difference to me".
    When I hear such things frankly speaking I feel like telling those people the following.(though jokingly) "Hey! Since that amount does not matter to you why don't you give it to me, I can do a lot with it."

    I do not entirely blame people for this. In the current age of rising inflation and price rise everywhere along with rising income levels value of money has dwindled like anything and what used to be the value of 1 rupee or 10 rupees in earlier days is now equivalent to 10 rupees and 100 rupees. We all hear our parents and grandparents telling us the huge quantity of things they were able to buy in their days with 50 paise coin which we are not able to do today even with a 10 rupees.

    But does this mean that we start undermining the value of a rupee thinking that it is a meager amount? I think never. A rupee if saved grows into 100 rupees which in turn grows to 1000 and which in turns grows into lakhs. 1 rupee or 10 rupees is a seed for the so-called big tree of lakhs and ten lakhs. So if we do not take care of a seed, how can we expect a big tree and reap its fruits? When we look at a seed we may say that it is of no use, but when that seeds grow into plant or tree with beautiful flowers or fruits it is at that moment that we start valuing it. Same with money. Most people only tend to value bigger amounts and neglect smaller amounts and do not consider saving bit by bit without realizing that it is drops that make an ocean and so it is same with money. So people should make attempt to value and respect every rupee they earn and save every small amount possible.

    If we want to know the real value of a 10 rupees or 50 rupees note we should go and ask a poor. 10 rupees can enable him to buy a cup of tea or even 50 rupees can comfortably give him lunch. Most of the people spend considerable time and effort in earning more money compromising their health and family time but when it comes to saving in small lots they may not even think of it.

    I think it is time now when such people should change their motto from "work more, earn more and save less" to "work as per capacity, earn sufficient and save more" and enjoy their life.
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    It is true. Money saved in money earned. During my childhood days, I used to have a plate of Idly for 20 Paise. Now the same is costing in the same village and same place around Rs. 20/-. But we used to go and purchase that very rarely as my elders used to advise us not to eat outside as they are costly and not hygienic. But these days even though it is costing higher amount nobody will stop eating outside. If our family goes to eat outside the minimum bill will be around Rs. 5000/-. The same will be sufficient to our family's milk expenses for a month. But if the same point if we tell the young people they say, we should not compare these expenses like that. Once in a month, we should enjoy like this. Another question they are going to ask us is what will we do by keeping the money in the bank? So the thought process of the young people is different from the others. So they always say just Rs.10/- only or just a hundred rupees only. They don't bother about tomorrow.
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    It is true that money saved is money earned. Even it is a penny, never mind as too many such pennies make a lumpsum amount. Like the author said, even I have heard certain people saying 'it is just 10 rupees, leave it, what am I going to do/get with it'. Even I do not like that attitude. I am an accountant hence for me money matters and also I would not like wasting money simply even if it is 1 rupee.
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    Very true.Many times, when we go to a fast-food chain and look at the menu prices and see people buying stuff and leave it half eaten, it makes us wonder how do they earn a living. The ease with which money comes is often towards the opposite of it's purchasing power. Sometimes the way people spend money borders being disrespectful.The poor, people between jobs, people struggling to get their EMIs paid in time would know the real value of hard earned money.

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    Wonderful thread!
    It's true when it's a matter of a rupee or two or sometimes even hundred, we feel that it's alright to part away with it. We don't stand to gain anything by keeping it with us.

    I feel it's alright to give it away to people deserving it because we may not stand to gain much from it but the person on the receiving end might be able to do something out of it.

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    Yes, we understand it fully well that "money saved is money made", but young people don't understand that. They spend money on items and gadgets which become 'obsolete' (to them) in six months to one year.

    However, I must admit that I also didn't understand this during my younger days. Generally realisation comes when a person grows older.

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    Very nice thread. We really need to save money at this point in time. Its high time to think about investments and get some money invested as that will be very useful for our own future.
    If we have no investments, the money is just gone, and spend in any way, in any work, we need to make an improvement here, to not let the money flow like anything. Either save it for our own benefits.

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    Earning money is the great art and spending the same wisely is further more important and that portrays the real you. Those who manage their life with limited money and yet keep happy in their daily routines are the best. For example if you want to have a Dosa, you are eligible to go to a restaurant to which the bill may cost you minimum 70 rupees. The same Dosa can be had from the road side restaurant at 20 to 30 rupees. I bet the Dosa served in road side bhandar is more tasty and the chutney served is also good. More over if you ask for extra chutney in the hotels, the would charge more. But in road side restaurant, they would oblige extra. Thus one can save more money. Like wise those who have the habit of shopping in super markets loose their money as they would charge for so called hygienic packing which is nothing but fooling the customers. So how to save money and how to market with intelligence give us more room for saving money.
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    Saving money is a very good habit as it helps you during the rainy days. A rupee saved today is a gold coin tomorrow. There is no exaggeration in it.

    Some people show off in public that money is nothing and we should spend it whatever way we feel. Either they are very rich or they have some black money with them. An honest and prudent person will never throw money like that.

    Please remember money does not grow on trees. You have earned it with your hard work. Why to waste It?

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    I am a supporter of the saying 'Money saved is money earned'.
    I have saved money and what I am now is because of my savings habit. Savings need some sacrifice and deferring of present expenses. Hence one has to prioritise and make room compulsorily for some savings regularly. Savings gives us confidence to face financial urgency or financial emergencies.

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