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    Is the Job interview process too old fashioned? Do we need to modify it?

    Should there be a drastic change in the way job interviews are conducted? Give your unique suggestions in overhauling the manner in which they are conducted.

    We have all attended interviews, dressed up our CVs and going smartly to the interview and sit there waiting, answer a few questions asked by senior members and get an answers yes or no. Many companies recruit through online interviews and decide on fresh appointments.

    Many times we have seen the most suitable person for the post does not get the job and the best performer at the interview does not deliver as promised. Sometimes people are appointed via interviews based on the important phone calls and strings they pull.

    There will always be exceptions (niche jobs that needs a rigorous selection process), but, in general, are there any other methods of appointing a suitable person based on aptitude? That is, selection not necessarily based on years of experience on paper? Based on actual performance, would a trial of 1-2 months decide that yes, this would be the best candidate to be appointed?
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    Job interviews, selecting right persons to the right job, but getting varied qualified people often force the company to select those who are highly qualified, no matter they lack the experience, the in house think tank shall impart them all the necessities of job and thus some companies are intelligent enough to have able job holders with less pay and good education. But companies must chose all either from direct interview, on line interview or through recommendations and reference of present employees. I prefer the recommendation of present employee candidate can be believed and given job without interview,
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    The job interview process has changed a lot when compared to few years back. Yet it require a lot more changes. Currently I feel rather than experienced, freshers are struggling for getting job. It has become a trend that only the students who succeed in campus interviews are employed. I have been seeing daily a lot of freshers who have just passed out and who have passed out 2-3 years back are struggling to get job. Most of the people lose their opportunity in the aptitude test which all companies conduct. I don't think it is necessary. Even Though a logical knowledge is required, I feel when they are subjected to a project they can handle things. The interview process should definitely change as there are many skilled employees who are struggling to find jobs. They should be put to a 1 month trial in a project and based on the performance in the work the employees should he hired.

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    I find a lot of change in the interview methodologies for selecting persons for jobs. These days especially in IT sector the selection methodology is very rigorous and they try to capture the cream from the available lot. These days the other companies in other sectors are also trying a lot to get the best lot available. Earlier GATE score is only for abroad studies and further studies in India. But these days many public sector companies and research laboratories are considering this score also as a criterion for selection. So because of these ways the people who are not able to get in campus interview are struggling a lot to get a job.
    Another problem the medium industries and small industries are facing is non-availability of good candidates. Many candidates want soft work only and nobody wants field experience. So manufacturing Industry even though offering good salaries, not getting a proper candidate. So here the process of interview is not at all playing an important role.Some candidates who obtained good marks are not even applying for these jobs.

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    There are many changes in the job interview process when compared to the past. And of course more changes are required. Campus selection is in trend now. Also certain companies started choosing employees based on their ability and not just accademic qualifications. Walk-in-interviews are conducted in many places. For jobs abroad, interviews are conducted through Skype. Employers started checking the FB account of the candidates to get a better picture.
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    yes, campus selection in the IT sector has certainly made it difficult for the graduates who are waiting around for 2-3 years for their first break. the interview process has changed but it can be streamlined based on the work needs (ability rather than just degrees) and the workforce expectations (office vs field work etc)

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    The interview is a process to asses a candidate for a particular job. Based on his educational qualification and marks secured there he is further tested for his oral capabilities. Sometimes an interview is only to confirm your grades achieved in your educational degree and to find out the consistency between your written knowledge and oral performances.

    Honestly speaking if interview is taken for a good length of time, the assessment will be much better. A short interview will not yield much about the job seekers.

    So present system is all right and only thing is more time should be spent on assessing the candidates.

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    The interview process has undergone a change. Now Group Discussion, one-to-one interview, interaction with the interview board and even simulation interview (to check the candidates' reaction to emergency situation) are being held. This change is the application of HR processes to select and recruit best available candidates.

    We can expect more such changes in future.

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