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    Planning to visit the smallest island of the world next year

    It is a very small island located very near to Guahati. It is a riverine island formed by mighty Brahmaputra. The journey by boat to this island is very refreshing. The very beautiful island is known to be the abode of Lord Shiva. There is a very ancient Shiva Temple in this small island. Many devotees come to worship Lord Shiva everyday. There are another five smaller temples in this island.

    The forest in the island is rejuvenating. Peacocks are found in abundance in this small island. But more importantly, extremely endangered golden langoors can be seen in this island in a large number.

    Last time when I visited Guahati, I missed it. But next year I am planning to visit Umananda island to enjoy the sublime tranquility of this beautiful place surrounded by mighty Brahmaputra.
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    Lucky you, that is all that I can say after reading this thread. Wishing you a happy stay in advance.
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    Sounds very inviting and an ideal getaway spot with a chance to enhances one's spirituality and to connect with nature. Is it officially the world's smallest island, does it have any interesting history attached to it. if so please share it.

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    Umananda island is indeed the smallest inhabited island of the world. It is considered as the abovve of Lord Shiva. The island is covered with dense jungles and six temples are located inside the jungle.

    The tourists interested in nature will find this island and surrounding Brahmaputra breath-taking.

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    thanks, was just checking the net. The Pobitora wildlife sanctuary is close by and would be worth a visit to see the rhinos.

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    Really interesting facts to know about the smallest island inhabited. It will be really interesting journey for you to enjoy and learn about these inhabitants and their history,culture and life.
    Best wishes from me for your journey.

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    I think the author has the passion for discovering new things in life and this one a small Island inside Guwahati seems to be very interesting and having nature happenings in abundance. I wish I could also be there.
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    I have left out many important places in Tamilnadu to visit and enjoy. And I would like to visit the far away locations after ensuring that I have not missed out anything in Tamilnadu.
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    Congratulations on planning a unique holiday. I have been to Guwahati, but not to the said island.

    There are two glaring errors in your post. It is nice of you to share new information with members, but please don't fabricate information. You did the same in one of your earlier posts too, a fabrication of facts, which I had pointed out, but you didn't come up with a response to your source of information.

    1. The title of your post is very misleading. The Umananda Island is not the world's smallest island, as declared by you. It is the world's smallest Inhabited River Island
    2. "Peacocks are found in abundance in this small island." This piece of information is not available anywhere. Perhaps you mistook the name 'Peacock Island' to mean that the island has an abundance of the National Bird. This is how information gets twisted and distorted and misinformation is spread. The British named it the Peacock Island, because of its shape

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    1. This is not fabricated information. Peacocks are found in the jungle surrounding the temples in the island. However, I didn't know that this island is also called 'Peacock Island'. This information is new for me.

    2. Every person in Guahati (including my relatives) states that the Brahmaputra creates the biggest riverine island (Majuli) and smallest riverine island (Umananda). However, Majuli is no longer the biggest riverine island after soil erosion.

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    I have not come across a single source that validates your information of peacocks inhabiting on the Peacock Island, in abundance. Would appreciate it if you could provide factual, recorded information on this, instead of just your word.

    You have dodged the point that I raised. I am not contesting the fact that Umananda is the smallest inhabited island on a river, but is it the world's smallest island, as you profess.

    Let's get the facts right, please.

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    I request you to vist the island during your next trip and see peacocks and golden langoors yourself.

    So far as the dispute regarding smallest island is concerned, I mentioned what I heard in Guahati from the local people. I did not measure the area of the island.

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    That does not resolve the issue. My going to Guwahati is not going to help members who are reading your thread and believing every word that you have written. The forum may be a place to share your views, but when sharing facts the details must be accurate.

    Individuals usually quote established facts when they share information, no one goes around with a measuring tape to measure the length and breadth of regions, to furnish details. Your relatives seem to be right, they described the Peacock Island as a riverine island. You let your imagination run wild and called it the world's smallest island.

    I have observed your penchant for digging out information and sharing it with members to prove your point. Why not now? How difficult would it be to find a source that shows the abundant peacock population, on the island? Asking me to travel to Guwahati, to prove something that I know to be a fact, is absurd.

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    I simply don't understand the objection. I visited the island when I was very young. I found many peacocks there (perhaps because of snakes in the jungle). So, I mentioned it in the post.

    People of Guahati say this is the smallest island. So, I have mentioned this.

    I was describing this island to my daughter. I also mentioned about the island in this thread. This particular thread is not a travelogue or travel-literature. It is not a travel-related article. Have I mentioned how to go there? Have I mentioned whether hotels are available, or not?

    This is a simple thread. Why so much complication?

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    Whether it is smallest or not, whether peacocks are there or not, both of you agreed that there are good Siva temples in this Island. Some forests are also there and it is a tourist spot and people travel to see the Island. My brother's son studied in IIT, Gauhati for 4 years. He confirmed that the mentioned Island is good to visit. In Gauhati one of the 18 Sakthipithas exist. We are planning a visit there. one of my close friends stays in Gauhati. I will make a point to visit this place and try to confirm whether really peacocks are there or not.
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    Partha, What is the total area of that smallest Island? It will give a clear picture to understand.
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    Mr. Sun: I reiterate that this is a simple thread. According to the people of Assam, Umananda is the smallest riverine island of the world. I have mentioned this in this thread.

    And I don't know the area of this island.

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    The Umanada island is a ferry journey from Guwahati on Brahmaputra river. I searched the internet for peacocks on Umananda Island. There is a mention of Golden Langur but not peacocks. Whatever it may be it seems to be scary ferry journey on the Brahmaputra.
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    KVRR - That is what I pointed out, the information is incorrect. There are no peacocks on the Island. Instead of providing information the author has been dodging the question with vague answers, is what I feel.

    The size of the Peacock Island is 4.916 Hectare.

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    In such a small place, if there are peacocks, they will be visible to the tourists going there. Ms Juana, your observation is correct.
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    I have been checking the internet since morning. Checked many sites about Delhi. Nowhere it is mentioned that Partha Kansabanik lives in Delhi. So, Partha Kansabanik doesn't live in Delhi.
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    Well, here goes -

    C¬4*, Type *
    New Delhi

    F­71, Sector­ 2,...

    The internet is a scary place.

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    So, this conclusively proves that Umananda island has not peacock as mentioned by Ms. Juana and Mr. KVRR. What I saw during my childhood was a mirage.
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    It is not as mentioned by Ms Juana or myself. It is a fact mentioned by us and yourself trying not to accept the facts. Anyhow since you are going there try and find out the truth.
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    We weren't debating your childhood memories, now were we? Moreover, your memory, imagination and dare I say, fabrication of facts cannot compete with reality.

    Here is some interesting information -

    Legend has it that some thirty-five years ago a couple of boys had left a pair of Golden Langurs on the Island. They grew in number and at one time the 'large number' consisted of 13 langurs. According to reports, there are just 5 Golden Langurs on the Island. This was the count during the 2016 floods, which inundated Assam. I gathered my facts from what's reported in the media.

    If I were to do some calculations, thirty-five years ago you'd have been 15 years old. Had you gone there at that age you'd probably have seen just two langurs. Had you visited the island before that, you'd have seen no langurs.

    Are we dealing with a childhood memory, imagination, fabrication of facts or a refusal to concede - I'll leave it for members to decide.

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    Some of the responses to this thread remind me the well-known idiom: Making a mountain out of a molehill.
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    Just my suggestion: Friends, are we forgetting to see the larger picture. Let's agree to disagree and with Mr.Partha's permission lock the thread,

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    Personal opinions yes, one can agree to disagree with. However, it would be imprudent to agree to disagree when facts are distorted.

    Let's not encourage the sharing of incorrect information, please. Members should act responsibly and check the facts, before sharing them with others, especially, when the means to do so, is available, at the click of a finger.

    And, please explain the larger picture

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    This has become ridiculous! I am being accused of furnishing 'fabricated' information because a bird which I noticed during my earlier visit is not mentioned in the internet sources.

    I reiterate that this thread was written based upon my memory of visit to a particular place, not by consulting internet.

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    When an objection is raised about the information shared by a member of the forum thread, it is the responsibility of the author to give proof of the authenticity of the information. The author when not in a position to support his information, he can accept the mistake. The author here is trying to dodge the questions. It happened many times before and that is the reason why it is insisted that he prove the authenticity.
    I am also interested in what the larger picture we are missing.

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    I simply reject the objection. Where it is written that "Peacock is NOT found in Umananda island''? Even if it is written anywhere, I doubt its authenticity. I have more belief on my eyesight. I believe that what I saw during my childhood trip is correct.
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    The discussion on the point about furnishing correct details while sharing facts in ISC having gone this far, I think some clarifications are required now-

    Firstly, the author has not stated in his thread that the details he is posting about the island is based on memories from his childhood visit there or that the information provided is as gathered from his friends or relatives staying nearby which would have made the whole issue a different story. He required the intervention from Juana to come up with such clarifications.

    Secondly, I am of the strong opinion that authors must either verify facts before raising such threads based on people, places or things or must make it amply clear in their thread that the details may not be correct/ give the source from where they have collected the information instead of trying to give it an authentic touch. Publishing a content about which one is not sure can put the very credibility of the site in peril and so members should be responsible while posting contents.

    Thirdly, Partha, you are finding the interventions as ridiculous but don't you think that the whole matter could have ended if you had verified the points, if not earlier, at least later, and admitted the corrections put forth instead of trying to justify your mistake? Give it a thought as to what may be the result if there was no intervention and attempt to correct your wrong? The thread may have passed on and get locked after a particular period but what if someone who reads your thread pushes off to the island ( sooner or later) to have a glimpse of the peacocks moving all around; comes back without seeing any and raises a question here; or say, someone tells their friends about peacocks in the island and is ridiculed for the wrong information and then tells his friends that he has read it somewhere in ISC? Such possibilities, though remote, definitely need to be considered.

    So, the end message is that members who post such contents in any section, should verify facts so that others do not feel the urge to cross check due to an element of doubt.

    (It may please be noted that this point about checking authenticity of contents being posted was conveyed on earlier occasions too.)

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    Mr. Ganesh: Please mention which details did I mention in this thread, thereafter we will discuss the ''correctness'' of those details.

    It is only a descriptive thread of a beautiful place which I liked. I didn't furnish usual details given in travel-related literature. And I have not mentioned any incorrect fact.

    Caution: Explosive. Handle with care.

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    'I simply reject the objection. Where it is written that "Peacock is NOT found in Umananda island''? Even if it is written anywhere, I doubt its authenticity."

    If a particularly interesting thing is seen, travellers or the tourism department mentions it. No one in a sane mind will write that I have not found a such and such things there. This is common sense.
    Your previous response clearly indicates your mindset. You do not accept facts and do not listen to reasonable arguments.
    It is always better to check the authenticity of the information provided here. If a mistake is pointed out, one should be ready to accept it instead of denying it with meaningless arguments.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    "This has become ridiculous" - I so agree. From fabricated facts to Googling your own address. Who would have expected that you'd spend a whole day, in trying to establish that you don't live in Delhi since the internet cannot find you, so you could use that to prove us wrong! Was that your only line of defence?

    Saji has summed up the facts perfectly. I thought along the same lines too.

    There are so many contradictions, other than those that I raised. On the one hand, you say it is not a travelogue, later you describe it to be a description of a place that you visited and liked. Make up your mind. You keep tying yourself in knots.

    Look at the number of people who believed your description of the place and left a comment 'wowing' at the details. You owe them an apology, for feeding them wrong information based on a memory from a time when you were 'very young'.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    There is no question of tendering apology. I have described a place which I visited and I have not furnished any incorrect information. In fact the thread is a description.

    ''Feeding information''-which information did I feed?

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    Partha, I don't think there is any point in dragging the thread further without you understanding (or at least attempting to do so) the crux of the flaw in this thread that has been brought out. I am locking this thread now in the hope that wisdom will prevail.
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