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    Tattoos: A means of self expression or just a fad?

    In our day to day life, we see more and more people with tattoos in their arms, neck or upper back. Men and women sport these fancy tattoos. A few decades ago, in India tattoos were common in village and in the working class.

    Now many across various sections of the society have tattoos. I've seen members of both sexes in the office, college students, sports personalities sport these artistic writings or images.

    Is it a means of self-expression? freedom or?
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    Personally speaking, I don't like tattoo. This creates a negative impression in my mind. I think making tattoo is a fad. Not only that, it is nothing but imitating western culture. It is also dangerous, because the tattoo needles may cause various infections including AIDS.
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    Thank goodness it is just a fad and imitating of a western culture, and not something that people have adopted and become comfortable with. I find it ironical that people do not refrain from adopting western culture when it suits them, but are quick to point fingers at others, accusing them of apeing another culture. The hypocrisy is so evident.

    Shirts, trousers, cigarettes, whiskey, Oxfords and even the language that we converse in, are adopted from the western world. Let us stop imitating the western culture, just so we can fit into society before we patronize those who get tattoos. Can people switch to dhoti-kurta, bidi, arrack and bangla and chappals, in tune with our culture?

    My daughter and I have plans to get tattoos done. She on her ankle and I on my wrist. We haven't gotten down to scheduling it yet but will do so for certain.

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    I don't mind other people having tattoo but never will I get it. The main reason is I can't take the pain and also it has never fascinated me. In my office also I have seen mainly Christians with a small cross near their thumb. Some people are really crazy about it and have done tattoo in their full hand.

    Once my friend had told me about her friend who had a got tattoo of her boy friend's name when they were in love. But later when they broke up she was struggling hard to get rid of it. So be careful before choosing a picture or wording for tattoo.

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    The system of tattoo is originally from African tribes adopted by Europeans and Americans. Now, it is coming to India. I reiterate that I personally don't like it and I would discourage my daughter if she wants get tattooed. Instead I would ask her to use mehandi, 'alta' (of Bengal) and similar things, which are thousand times more beautiful than tattoos (of scorpion, ant, etc. for example)

    So far as beedi, arrack and bangla are concerned, I have absolutely no objection in these products. I have soothing experience of all three, but don't want to elaborate further. These are cost-effective also.

    Dhoti-kurta! Ahhhh! I would love to wear these!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    My father had a crucifix tattooed on his left arm, and he had got it done during the days of the partition. His reason for getting the tattoo was his personal safety. It was a time when communal tension was at its worst, in the capital. He would narrate gory details of incidents that he had witnessed, on the streets and narrow lanes of Old Delhi. He would tell us of times when he was attacked or rounded-up by mobs, wanting to know his identity. Once the attack was so vicious that he thought that he would survive, but just then a Police Jonga on patrol arrived, and he was saved. He got the tattoo done, the next day. The crucifix saved him, as he became easily identifiable as a Christian. It was a big tattoo, almost six inches in length, and quite detailed. Now that I think about it, I realise that it was quite nicely done, with a lot of detail.

    My grandmother, it seems was livid, when she saw the tattoo on his arm. She was one feisty lady, with very rigid views and she believed that only the tribal and village people got tattoos, and not the city-bred, educated.

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    Tatoos since the ancient times are associated with identification. A tattoo symbolizes and represents a particular tribe,trade or event.
    We always opt for the tattoos we feel the most connected to.
    In that way we're expressing our inner feelings through ink.
    We show where we belong and what we want from our tattoos.

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    I see tattoo as a form of art and its really amazing art but a permanent tattoo is not what I support or fond of it is not a good thing as it not only damages skin if remained for years and looks bad instead of good.
    Its rather better to have a temporary tattoo if someone really want to have a tattoo to express his/her feelings it will give him/her happiness and also it will not cause any regret in future if they don't want it anymore.
    As their are many who later regret this when the tattoo looses its beauty and also their are many jobs in which tattoos are not allowed for eg- Indian army.

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    For me tattoo has become a fashion statement among modern men and women and there is nothing important attached to it. The other day I had been to a big mall in Secundeabad. This place is visited by the elites of Hyderabad and also the tourist. Naturally lots of fashion can be seen there. One lady very scantly dressed was having big tattoo on shoulder part and just to show off that she wore such a dress which reveals her body more than the tattoo. I just cannot understand as to what made her to have such big tattoo and feel the necessity to show off the same to onlookers as if every one sought for it ?
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    Since dawn of civilization fashion has attracted the human race. To look modern and fashionable has been the choice of millions throughout the development of society in past as well as in present and new things are being introduced day by day for it. Who can forget the peculiar Victorian hats? Keeping long hairs or pony tails by men?

    The torn jeans are one of the best examples of this fad. I remember about 30 yrs back when bell bottom trousers were very much in fashion and those wearing normal trousers were looked upon as old fashioned. So it is simply what is the latest in the society type of things.
    Tattoo is also one good example of this.

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    The tattoos are not a new one. In my boyhood days in villages, people used to get their family name or husband's name or wife's name on their forehand. But this culture those days was in certain communities only and mainly uneducated people were doing that. So the adoption had happened long back. But these days this has become a symbol of fashion. Many people of different ages are getting this tattoos on different parts of their bodies.
    Personally, I don't have any interest in this fashion. None of my family members is having this interest. It is the liking or the disliking of individuals whether they go for it or not.

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    I think some people just like wearing tattoos. I think they become more cool with this. For some, it could appear as a sign of freedom. It seems like most people today are fond of having different styles of tattoos on their neck or on their arms. Along with tattoos, there is a big trend of piercing these days. girls get their ears pierced twice or thrice also. Boys are also going for piercing now in their ears making it a fashion nowadays. Different people, different choices.
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    tattoos seem to be more of a fad, Interesting to note that tattoos may also remind us of the past good or bad.

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