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    Logic behind awarding 0 points in ask experts answers

    Dear editors,

    Today I posted two answers in ask experts section and they were approved with 0 points and no cash credits. While I understand that cash credits may not be given if editors feel that answer is not of required quality but I fail to understand the reason for awarding 0 points. Does 0 points mean that answer is of too poor quality? Is awarding 0 points actually valid in ISC because I have probably seen this for the first time.

    Can you please let me know the reason for the same so that in my future answers I can take care in future? Below are the links to the two answers:
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    I have seen 0 points awarded to certain ask expert answers due to the poor quality of the response. Also I feel when the same answer is given by many members, editors might give 0 points as it is repetative. I am not sure about it. Let us,wait for some editor to respond.
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    Though Chitra seems to have answered your query to the point generally, I have forwarded the same to the concerned section for further explanation if any with regard to your specific query. Please wait for a response.
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    What I personally feel that when ask expert answer has been approved, it must have at least previously alloted point if not additional points allotted by editors after reviewing and approval. Giving zero point for approved answer is something not a good trend.
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    It is difficult to judge the content as far as I am concerned. because the core reply would be similar to what the previous 1-3 members have replied. If it is not repeated verbatim word for word from other internet sites, then the reply should get some points. Let's wait for the admin team to check, maybe it's an oversight.

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    The two AE responses for which '0' points are awarded relate to old queries posted in 31/01/2010 & 22/07/2013. You can go through this thread - Alert: Answering queries in old Ask Expert threads and also the response #594157 wherein a detailed clarification was given with regard to posting responses to old AE queries. We have a system of giving 'Minus' points for pulling the old threads in Forum section but the AE section permits responding to certain old AE queries which may add value to the earlier responses and increase the traffic to the site. In the present case, we have allowed the answer without assigning any points and c.c. It is once again suggested not to pull old AE question threads and post responses unnecessarily.


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    Thank you, Jagdish for your answer. But for my answer also I got 0 points. This is not an old thread. It is posted on the same day or One day before. I have kept quiet and I have not raised any thread thinking that there may be a reason for that. But after seeing your answer I thought I can just mention for reference but not for other purposes. It is just purely for your information only. The question is about spelling mistake in marks list posted on 3rd Nov 2017.
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    @Dr. Rao,
    It happened inadvertently during the Editing process by me and now the points/c.c are assigned. The error is regretted. You are free to bring out such errors via Private Message feature.


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    Thank you, Jagdish for your prompt action. Very nice of you, for your advice. Here onwards I will do that.
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