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    Which one is your all time favorite novel or story book?Lets have a list of Interesting books

    I have raised threads related to novels many times and in which I got various interesting answers but this time it is not like earlier ones asking ISC members whether they read novels or not.
    This is simply to know more names of interesting to Novels and story books which I can read in near future which are liked by many peoples. So I am asking members of ISC to write name of novels or story books which they liked one or more as you like and a small summary or gist of the book or reason why you liked it most?
    So lets create a list of interesting novels read by various ISC members.
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    Well as I am growing and getting aged the responsibility towards daily life has been increasing there by having lesser time for reading books. But in my life I read one book with much interest and that is a book on Smuggler Veerappan wrote by Nakeeran Gopal. In that book the life of forest goon has been written well. Not that I have a liking for Veerappan or Gopal. What made me to read this great book that the author chose to take risk of his life and met the dreaded terror person who has killed many police and forest officials in his life time. That book was read at one of my friends place in Chennai long back.
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    I have read not more than a dozen books. But according to me,The count of Monte Cristo is the best book ever. It was written in 1800s but it is way ahead of it's time. A story of vengeance but without meaningless bloodshed. Every dialogue rendered is worth writing down. There are a 100 characters I guess. But everyone fits into their role so perfectly. And every page contains a bit of wisdom in it.
    Though about cruel vengeance ,the book makes sure you feel all the emotions that humanity has in stock.

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    I have read many novels but the one novel which I love the most is "Ponniyin Selvan" by Kalki. It is a Tamil historical novel written in 5 volumes. The novel focuses on the story of Chola Dynasty King, Raja Raja Chola I (Arulmozhi Varman). The book portrays many real incidents and the story of many unknown historical characters lived during 10th and 11th centuries in the Chola Dynasty. The story created a huge emotional impact on me and I fell in love with some real historical characters portrayed in the story.

    No word to describe Mr. Kalki's writing style and Mr. Maniyam's paintings. It is a classic novel well-packed with different genres such as history, spy fiction, thriller, and romance. Undoubtedly, "Ponniyin Selvan" is my all-time favorite classic Tamil novel.

    Note: English translation of Ponniyin Selvan is also available now.

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    I used to read many novels and detective books in my young age. I used to love fiction stories and Yunghandar is my favourite detective. I read many books written by the author, I remember as Venugopal Rao.
    Those days Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani, Koduri Kousalya Devi were very famous and many of their novels were taken as movies. I am talking about novels and detectives in the Telugu language. Secretary, novel, written by Yaddanapudi and Premnagar, Novel. written by Kousalya are taken as stories and movies were made. In both, the movies Vanisree and Nagesawrao were in lead roles. "Ekaveera" is a historical novel written by C. Narayana Reddy.
    Taking this as a base a movie in Telugu was made. NT Rama Rao and Kanta Rao were in the lead roles. I like this novel very much. A very good novel and very difficult to understand.
    I have read many novels which were published as serials in weekly Telugu magazines. Till today I remember a serial novel in Andhra Patrika, weekly, by the name "Pilla to Premayatra" which can be translated as Honeymoon with Children. A couple with two children who were not able to go for Honeymoon will plan a trip with their 2 children and they enjoyed the trip for 15 days. After returning back the good news is the wife is pregnant again for the third time.

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    In this list of novels, I am creating from getting names of the novel from ISC members which I am thinking to read later when I will have time the books are as follows
    1. Smuggler Veerappan by Nakeeran Gopal
    specialty- the author put his life at risk to meet the notorious criminal and smuggler and created a good literary piece of art.
    2. The count of Monte Cristo
    specialty- 100 characters still interesting to read
    3. Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki
    specialty- portrayal of many real incidents and the story of many unknown historical characters lived during 10th and 11th centuries in the Chola Dynasty, with an emotional impact and amazing painting.
    4.Pilla to Premayatra which translates to honeymoon with children
    specialty - Really unusual name first thing I noticed about it
    A story of a couple with two children who were not able to go for Honeymoon will plan a trip with their 2 children and they enjoyed the trip for 15 days.

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    I am a bookworm since my high school days and can not count the books I have read. Please do not take it as a boasting or proud feeling as my intentions are not so and I also feel that today my spontaneous writing may be the result of that voluminous reading.

    It is very difficult for me to tell which of them are best out of the lot as some of them were world classics of all times favourites and some of them were on the top of the list because of their lucid and engrossing styles knitted with mystery and suspense.

    Anyway let me give here some of my favourites -
    1. 'Gunahon Ka Devta' in hindi by Dharamvir Bharti.
    I liked this due to the subtle human emotions shown in its story line.
    2. 'Srikanta' (hindi translation) by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya. A masterpiece story about a young man in the background of culture and society in Bengal.
    3. 'Gaban' by Munshi Premchand. A great story having background depiction of the society in pre independence North India.
    4. 'Crime and Punishment' (English translation) by Dostoevsky. A Russian novel of murder and its aftermath in 19th century urban Russia.
    6. 'To build a fire' by Jack London. An engrossing tale of a man desperate for fire (heat) in snow covered terrain.
    7. 'The cask of amontillado' by Edgar Allan Poe. A strange tale of revenge written by the great mystery and macabre writer.
    8. 'The Sins of the Father' by Jaffrey Archer. A great engrossing story by the great narrator about a person who has assumed other identity in a war situation.

    The list is long but I am supposed to take a limited space here and hope to mention more when such opportunity comes.

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    In my life, I have read many Tamil and English novels, but I do not remember their titles. I too read the complete novel 'Ponniyin Selvan' (Tamil) during my school days. As a child, It was quite interesting to me and others as well. Now I am in the process of reading Mahatma Gandhi's 'Satya Sodhanai' (My experiments with truth)
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    I love reading books, mostly fiction novels.
    1.For anyone who wants to have an insight into the lives of doctors, the Eric Segal's Doctors is a beautiful book that portrays the lives of doctors, their professional life, personal life, stress and depression that they battle and the ethical dilemma's they face in careers and lives.

    2.For courtroom dramas, the best choice in John Grisham, his book, The Firm, which was also made into a movie describes a lawyer who has struggled through life, qualifies and lands an unbelievable job only later to discover that he's working for the mob. How he works his way out is truly a page turner until the end.

    3.Who will cry when you die by Robin Sharma. A motivational or life skill both. At a glance, it may sound that it's written for a teenager but if you read it without any expectations, then you'll the true meanings of life that has been expressed in such a simple language.

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    Below are my favorite books for which I can set apart every other work that I am doing, it is not listed in the order of my interest, every book is equally my favorite,

    1. The Tinkle Digest
    2. The Picture Bible
    3. The Naughtiest Girl in the School (All the series)
    4. The famous five (Enid Blyton)
    5. The Secret Seven
    6. The Fox in the winter

    I would pick any book authored by Enid Blyton during my school days, I wouldn't resist it even now.

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