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    Unwanted child being given away to state homes in Telangana and the trend is rising.

    Now a days having more than two children is seen as a social burden to the family and also to the nation but for those couple who has the children unwanted way, they are now giving away the child to the state homes rescue center where the government takes the responsibility to rear the child. But this trend has been increasing as in Warangal district alone more than 50 infants are being given to the state homes there and this shows given the rise in cost of living and unable to rear a child, couples are getting rid of them.
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    Oh! that is really sad. On one side people are getting rid of unwanted children and on the other side some of them are really longing for a kid. I feel one need to think in advance whether they will be able to take care of the child before having rather than sending them somewhere else later.
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    Very disheartening state of affairs Sir.To bring a child into this world and abandon it in a dustbin or a railway station as we also seen in movies is an example of the depths to which humanity can sink. There are very unusual circumstances that forces a young mother to abandon her child. I'm sure she would feel a pang of helplessness and guilt when she does it in unaviodable situations.
    The cost of living even for us is noticeable,so when we imagine people working as daily wage laborers or for a meager earnings of a few thousands, it is difficult to make ends meet. A child bring in responsibilities that parents can find it beyond their reach.One ray of light in this entire gloomy thread is that at least, the couples are leaving them in state homes and not selling them or even tragically taking the extreme step of snuffing out a life.

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    Disheartening news. Where we are going? On one side we consider elder parents as burden, seeking privacy set asiding brothers and now own children. On the other side in the name of love people eloping by ignoring parents. So totally we are killing our culture and ruining ourselves.

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    Terrible. We say we are civilised. Are we really? I doubt. Why should we bring in a child into this world, if you don't want them? There are plenty of ways to take care not to get pregnant in this part of the Globe and everybody knows the methods. Why can't they take preventive measure initially? Really a very sorry state of affairs. In foreign countries, parents take care of their children up to 18 years after that there is no binding on the parents to bring them up. But in our country just you can deliver and put them in Government homes and they will take care. This trend should stop. The parents who are trying to go away from their responsibility should be punished. If the cost of living is high, how they are managing? this fact did they not Know before getting pregnant. But there will not be any proper response to this question. India is having the high population. So it is better to follow we two, ours two maximum slogan is to be followed. That will not say that you deliver the baby and abandon. They are not human beings I think.
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    Today morning I was stunned to see the tv news where in 6 children who were abandoned and fighting with malnutrition was shifted to Hyderabad for better treatment but they died.
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    Author sir, another shock news from chennai a father kidnapped his own son for fetching money from his wife. How he hold his breath while doing so?

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    This news shared by Ramachandran is further shocking. Where the human values has gone ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would like to add a very important point to the thread that most of the abandoned (read left to the care of the State) children are not born to legally wedded couples and so it would be wrong to make an assessment from that perspective only. It is indeed a social problem but we need to look at the issue more deeply and seriously. Trying to make the point that infants are abandoned by parents due to their inability to take care of them would be, in my opinion, trivializing the actual problem which is no doubt a big question to the society as a whole.
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    I was hoping someone would come forward and say what you did. It has become common to sensationalise news. If couples were really abandoning children, it would have made national headlines. This is no trivial matter.

    Most kids born out of wedlock are put sent to orphanages. Honestly, that is so much better than killing them or leaving them to die in a ditch or in a dustbin.


    The Chennai man did not kidnap his son. He just staged a kidnapping drama, because he needed five lakhs to repay a loan that he had taken. He told his wife that someone had kidnapped their son and that they would release the kid after the ransom money was paid. The wife pledged her jewellery and got the money. The man just enacted the entire kidnapping drama and all the while the little boy was safe, in the man's friend's shop.

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