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    Have appreciating attitude, it enhances the performances of others.

    Every human being is not a performer and those who perform and excel needs a pat, not with cash or kind, at least a word of appreciation, a clap , a whistle and hooting. If a person achieves something, say excellent to him, he gets overwhelmed. If a child progress from one class to another, appreciate with a gift, that would induce the child to do better. In the theater too those who are ardent followers of the actors and actress , do whistle and hoot when good scenes and punching dialogues are delivered. Though actors are not present to see your appreciation , it reaches them when the film is hit. So appreciating others matters.
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    While it's true that appreciating attitude will enhance the performance of others, it will boost his/her morale and encourage him to do better but if too much of encouraging and buttering can be a bane instead of a boon for them. It can build overconfidence and instead of victories, it will be a doom.

    So we need to be careful with our words as our words can build or destroy a person. We need to appreciate people to lift their morale sometimes it can act as a catalyst for them and they can end up doing unimaginable things.

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    Saying a good word or patting on the back of a performer for appreciating him will always do wonders. Some people think money can make wonders. But that is not true always. Some time appreciation and motivation in the form kind will also do encourage the performer. But anywhere it is true that too much is not advisable. Appreciate him to the extent he will get motivated. But not lift him to a stage he will get overconfidence and not do well. So it is the best thing to motivate people to get the best performance. It is always better to witness the performance and encourage him during the performance. Any person expects a word of appreciation from his boss and colleagues when he excelled in his work. But some places it will happen in the other way.
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    Appreciating one's performance and giving it the due credit will always be welcome by the performer.Such small acts of encouragement will certainly make the person happy and motivate him to do well.This is often practiced in corporate offices wherein a well-performing employee gets a Star of the day or the Best employee of the week award which makes them feel happy and also others will be motivated to perform better. Sometimes an overdose of this can make the individual become overconfident affecting future performance adversely.

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    True, appreciations motivates us. It is a good habit to appreciate others. We are not going to lose anything but at the same time the other person feels it to be an achievement. Even at home appreciate your spouse for the little things, it increases their love towards you.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    We cannot expect everybody perform great, but at the same time if appreciate a work of one, his next performance would be higher than the old one.
    I have a relative who never appreciate the work of any one though the performance found high. His seven years old daughter once write her name by her own and showed with pride. This man instead appreciating or expressing happy , he told her,'it is better if you concentrate in your school topics'. The face of the child shrinkened with sad.

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    Sincere appreciation, in the aim of encouragement can motivate the person for better performance with confidence. However along with appreciation, any drawback or mistake found should also be apprise to the person in private and confidence to correct and improve him.
    The best way is to pat expressly in font of others and point out mistakes in private .

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    That's right.. a word of appreciation means a lot to others. It is always nice to appreciate people whey they perform good, it encourages them to do much better than before. It gives happiness. It inspires them to reach greater heights.
    Do what inspires you !!

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