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    Don't be too greedy.

    When we start our journey of earnings we always think that we will have a better life than what we had during our childhood. We will think it is enough if we have enough for our decent living. once we are doing reasonably well, we will aim for a new house, then an own car and so on and so forth. We will never be happy with what we have, we will struggle to get more and more. Sometimes in these efforts of getting more and more, we may even lose what we have. So it is always better to be happy with what we are having and do hard work for getting up on the ladder. But never be greedy for position, money or power.
    A very well known story to all of us. In a village, there was a farmer. He had a duck. That duck started giving a gold egg every day to the farmer. Initially, he was very happy. But after a few days, he thought that this duck is giving daily only one egg. But in its stomach, there will be more. So he cut open the duck. Only one golden egg is there and the duck died. The farmer is at a loss. This is the result of his greed. So let us not be too greedy. Greed will always lead to sorrow.
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    True, but it is in human nature to be like that. When we get 10Rs we will think of 100 and when we get 100 we would want 1000. Like that our greed never stops. There are few people who might not be greedy and is satisfied with what they have. If the number of satisfied people were more, this world would have been a better place to live.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    I think its greed that made human to do things he would never have been able to do if remained satisfied. It was his continuous desire to achieve something( it is also a kind of greed) which made him above all the predators of the jungle .
    It was the greed which made him capture all the things which we now we call we have owned. It was greed for comfort which made him innovate something so even being greedy is not a bad thing and being satisfied is also not very good thing both have their own drawbacks if anyone has it excess.
    So I will not blame greed. As a television of a product, advertising has the tagline "Lalach Ek Kala hai" which implies that even "greed is an art" but this art needs to be kept in check. If kept in check it can create wonders for you but if you have it in excess it will make your life miserable as you will never be satisfied by anything.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Yes, that's right. One should not be greedy, it is not good for health. It destroys the inner peace. Our greed makes us do, what we do not want to do and this could even lead us to the wrong path.
    But, it is human tendency to be greedier in what he wants. The human wants and desires are unlimited and unending.
    If he gets one, he desires for two, getting two, the desire extends to three and so on.
    Being greedy is really not good, but we can consider human nature to be more of self-centered than greed.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    The duck story appended by the author amply proves that " over expectation from any thing would give negative or nil effect ". For the human being , greedy has become the integral part of his character and for some they conceal the greediness and for many they openly come out with greediness. Why the history has so many proofs of war and commotion , because of greediness. Human being has been so cunning enough that he not only secures his share as a right but also seek share from others to which he is not eligible at all. There comes the real difference of opinion and thus war starts between two thoughts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Greed is one of the inherent characteristics of humans and it is there in everyone may be in more or less quantity.

    Greed is the driving force for many of us to work hard and achieve the physical comforts and facilities. It is the high degree of greed which is dangerous and can make a man as unhappy as he was before achieving his targets.

    Long back I read a story by Leo Tolstoy in which a man runs to grab a big piece of land out of a bigger meadow and dies on the way while desperately trying to grab the maximum land before sunset and returning to the starting point.

    Yes, we must control and manage our greeds otherwise we will be trapped in a vicious circle of grief and sorrows.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Well said Dr.Rao, we've grown up with this story from school days wherein it sounds so simple but now growing up we see people making mistakes, taking shortcuts and unnecessary risks ruining their lives. We always start with simple desires a good education, a good job, a good family and then when the creatures of comfort start capturing our attention, the desire turns to greed for many. A home, a plot of land, a car, a reputed private school, investments, club membership, ornaments, as we travel this path greed creeps in. Some of us known how to curb greed and get on with life and be happy. Some plan and plot ending up doing unethical things and losing their sleep. I feel, It is important for true friends and well-wishers to tell what they feel if own of our own friends turns too greedy.

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    Many old teachings and adages are now undergoing change and get removed from practice. Modern life style almost reject them by practising the opposite.
    Selfishness has replaced individuality and this leads to achieve more and more thus making people greedy even without their knowledge.
    Life has lost its sportsman spirit and the 'killer spirit' has replaced it. Means are taken as menace and goal has to be achieved by any and all means. This is their trending concept.Ego is considered a an expression of self confidence.

    World is dynamic. teachings, lessons and sayings also have to change and they are already changing one by one.

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