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    I have received my Jiophone and I find it is okay

    Let me refer to my thread "Did you book Jio phone-what was your experience". That was just after prebooking a jiophone for me.

    I received my Jiophone a few days ago.

    It was out of sheer curiosity that I booked a Jiophone. The points that attracted me in the announcement were- the voice assistant, JioTV & movies and the TV cable.

    After booking I was following the news on Jiophone regularly. It was believed that I will get my jiophone by or before Diwali. It did not happen. So I sent a Email to them. They said I will be notified.The status checking did not give any indication. Hence I sent another email asking for cancellation and refund saying that as it gets delayed the charm is getting lost because other better alternatives are coming. They said cancellation is not allowed, but I can gift it to someone else. Anyway very soon I got intimation and got it from the nearest Jio outlet.

    I can say that I am not at all disappointed. It is okay. The best part is the display. TV and movies are very clear Of course depends on signal strength in the area. W Fi facilty is available. TV cable is not provided nor offered now.
    As of now mostly I am using the Jiophone for casual viewing of TV channels . I hope members who booked Jiophone would also have got jiophone. Please share your experience.
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    Glad that you are now the owner of new Jio phone. I am also having it. But there are certain draw backs which I observed and gathered in these days. There is no whats app facility directly connected. And we cannot down load the app too. There is no provision for call recording or voice recording facility. Since it is the joy stick type, some time we have to press hard to go to other section. The battery life given is very short. When there is a live tv , movies, FM radio and music, naturally we are bound to use them. But within no time the battery gets discharged and the phone has to be recharged for the battery life. And never keep the network and data connection always on. That would bring your daily quota to nil. Just watch what you want and get out of the net work connection. If you have wifi, then there is no problem. The voice clarity is very good and the ring tones are nice and audible.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congratulations to both Venkiteswaran and Mohan for their Jio phone. I don't have a Jio number or Jio phone. It is very difficult if we don't have WhatsApp on phone these days. For this app you have to have a separate phone.
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    Glad that you both have your new phones, I don't have this new phone. Sounds like an economy model with a shorter battery life to be careful about while watching movies etc. Why no what's up I cannot understand, it is an error in download ?
    The offer bundle and price range was too attractive? is it true.From what I've understood, this would be a further hit to the other competitors in terms or revenue and market users (phones and services) diverted to the Jio.

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    Most of us who have purchased Jiophone naturally have already a smartphone. So we may see more lacking in Jiophone.

    However the real target group was those who use the basic 2G feature phone ; to enable them to have some facilities of smartphone like data,media,etc in a feature phone which they can afford.

    Having WiFi connectivity, voice assistant, USB enabled sharing, large capacity SD card, TV, Videocall (though limited to Jio users/Jio chat users), inbuilt news app, music etc in an affordable phone is an attraction.

    Yes, for us, who had been using a smartphone with whatsapp, Jiophone is incomplete. But most of us may be keeping it as a stand by or alternative

    I do not use data connection in my existing budget smartphone. I use WiFi at home. Now with this Jiophone, I can have the data facility. It is also easy to monitor our data use from My Jio.
    Except for whatsapp, I find my Jiophone is better than my existing budget smartphone as per my requirements.

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