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    Has social media benefitted you in any way or only distracted you?

    We all are very active in social media and some are really very addicted to it. So many news circulate very fast with the help of social media. Few people might have made use of social media while for others it could be distracting. So if you are a social media user, then has it been for any good cause or has it been distracting?
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    For me the social media is the refreshing experience on daily basis. While I am busy in this site, I also open the windows of Facebook and twitter simultaneously as I am equally famous in those sites. Especially the feeds, the posts, the images I get from twitter are very spell bound and daily it is a food for thought to my mind. There are some enterprising members in social media whom I am the great follower do share exceptional quotes of their own and thus I am learning there too without wasting time. While in Facebook most of the relatives and far off friends are connected and I am happy with that relation. So social media is not the distraction to me . But mind it I am using the social media when ever I am with the ISC. That means I am not wasting more time on social media too. I hate those who keep on investing more time in social media the whole day and hate those who send long messages and big videos.
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    Both. I have been immensely benefitted from social media-in my official work and also in the areas of my interest/study. At the same time, it has distracted me also. For example, since morning I have been trying to write a review of a very famous college of West Bengal, but is being distracted by useless and obstinate argument in social media platform.
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    I am also an active user of Facebook and Twitter. I am happy with these two sites. Through these sites I am a lot come in contact with my college,school and old friends. Now I am very much in contact with many of my friends in various ages of my life. I am able to come into contact with many of the people who are working in similar field. Generally I spend maximum an hour or so on these sites.
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    we have had a similar discussion in the recent past Social media is a double edged sword and the outcome depends on the user. For instance, firearms have be used to save lives many times and the same firearm in the hands of terriost or a deviant takes many lives.
    Social media should we used to interact as we humans are creatures of comfort,socialisation and have certain mandatory needs. Using social media for me is for basic exchange of improtant information related to work,travel, then comes family occasions.Beyond it, to keep in touch with people realted to my profession. Next comes a list of close friends with whom interaction happens whenever time permits.

    The problem now is social media is used for spreading information and news that may not be true and it happens at a rapid speed.In Karnataka, there are two issues now, Tipu Jayanthi being celebrated today amid controversy and Reforming bills for health care regulation.There have been so many forwards from various places on What's Up that we need to check about the authencity of the information by call each other. For instance, there was a forward about shutting down health cares services and the problems faced but the original event was only Elective and non-urgent services,Emergency services we continued. This gave a wrong impression about healthcare to the public and even confusion among staff regarding the working hours.

    On a general note,on what's up I forward some quotes about life, family, positive thinking or important alerts. For me it's benefited because I regulate my use of social media.

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    I am not using social media like FB , twitter etc. The only interaction platform I am participating is ISC.
    I have really benefited from it.
    My son is a user of FB . It is really strange and irony that he has update info about my own ex-colleagues through the FB a/c of children of some of them. He informs me about someone's daughter's marriage or their foreign trip from what he sees in the FB. Unlike people of my generation today's youth can continue in touch with all their classmates even after leaving school and college through Social media. It was not possible for our generation people.

    It is for us to use things to our benefit and avoid the harmful or negatives. I will say that social media -to whatever limited extent I am connected to it- has benefited me.

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