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    We cannot expect a small child to do big things. Like wise give PM Modi more time to perform.

    As the time for the next general election is approaching, there is a renewed vigor and interest in the Congress camp that at least this time they want to grab the power by brining out false analysis of Modi government so far. At the home we never give bigger task to the child and smaller works are assigned , so that he shall learn and perform bigger tasks later when he grows up. Like wise we cannot expect our PM Modi to do wonders in just one term. When we could sustain the nuances and corrupt Congress and its allies regime for six decades, why not give BJP another term to mend its mistakes ?
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    It is true. The undoing done by past government can't be rectified in a very less time. India is a big country with many states and each state is almost like a country or even bigger than some countries.Alll these states are to be controlled and see that the nation will progress. It takes more time in understanding the things. So anybody requires more time. Mr.Atal initiated many good and progressive initiations during his tenure. Widening of roads and joining of rivers are his pet products. He initiated those works but he was not selected for the second time. The next government never given importance to those works. So the development slowed down. The same way now also the present PMtrying bring the nation by his development activities and plans. So if the nation keeps cinfidence in him and elects one more time, I am sure he can deliver. I hope Indian voters realise this point and bless the present PM with one more term so that he can ring the nation from the stage of under development to the stage of developed. All depends on the mindset of voters at the time of elections. Let us hope for the better.
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    What catapulted NDA & Modi to become the ruling party and PM respectively was the hope and faith that the country and people will get a solution for all its ills. The impartial, unbiased, 'non-brainwashed' general people saw in Modi and BJP a panacea for the country's ills. They were all impressed by the stand of Modi against corruption, black money, and many other wrong acts of the earlier UPA governments.

    It was actually a heavy selling of dreams . People took it without a pinch salt. Even though there was a lot of poll-time exaggeration and over promises, people lapped up all thinking them as real and expected delivery of promises.

    However the new government could not deliver what they promised in the same speed as expected. They started doing things with extra vigour and adamancy those things which they opposed when they were the opposition party. From a series of their actions,it appeared as if they are only completing what the UPA could not.

    Stil people gave them benefit of time and supported and appreciated their stand and actions in the international stand and relations with more and more countries.

    But when the government could not hold the price line, increased fuel price and freed it to the benefit of oil companies, did not do much about black money people started having doubts.

    On individual level, most of those, mainly middle class and lower middle class who generally remain inert and impartial, but supported the NDA to come to rule felt betrayed. This section sacrificed a lot thinkig thatthigs will turn good and better. But that has not happened and signals are that they are affected badly.
    This betrayal may find its impact in coming elections.

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    Funny...Modi....a child....needs time and a second term ! Modi is a grown up matured old man who had many terms as CM of a state. He is a roaring lion but a cat that was caught by his inaction to handle the things and perform well. He talks about reform perform and transform. Next election will give him the suitable response to his present inactiveness. and
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    I would agree the the present PM needs more time and more co-operation. His winning mantra was prefect on paper as Venkiteswarn sir has mentioned. But this needs to be translated as they lost steam or battling on all fronts and the poll agenda took a back seat. If we at ISC can list the shortcomings, I'm sure the Modi think tank would have much more information and feedback. I think a change in approach is due now with maybe more focus on the problems that were put on the back burner by Mr.Modi.
    Let's give him and his government more time, as what is our other options, we would be worse off than now. A coalition (current parties with old legacy) led opposition government which be spending more time sorting out in-fighting rather than helping the citizens and the nation.

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    A new recruit in a company would be allowed to be treated or enjoy the title for few months and a maximum of six months only and he is expected to deliver goods on the expected lines of the company after the breathing period. 'Perform or perish' is the formula that would be taught to him. Same is the case applicable to anyone in democracy and the five year slot is given to serve the people. I am afraid some of us have become biased towards political parties in this educational platform.

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    Modi is not a child, but the time of five years to rule is very less to prove big and that is what my assessment is. He is no doubt able and formidable than any other leader in the world.
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