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    Saudi Arabia, rapid changes and change of guard

    Saudi Arabia is in the news recently for major changes, some of them never even heard of. Saudi is now being closely watched by the international community, it affects India also (migrant workforce). In a sudden major move, the country's crown prince clamped down on major officials and a few royals all linked to charges of corruption. Even Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, also known as Warren Buffet of the Middle East was not spared. The movement of these key individuals is blocked including a freeze on private jets. Last week, Prince Mansour bin Murqin died in a helicopter crash in the middle of this corruption crisis.
    Now reports are emerging that the current king is in the process of handing down power to his son Prince Mohammed bi Salman.
    Since yesterday Saudi and Kuwait have issues orders for all its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

    When something like this happens, there is often a mini-crisis in the middle east including military attacks. Hope things don't escalate as an adverse geo-political and financial impact is the last thing we need now.
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    Yes, the international community has been closely watching the recent events of Saudi Arabia. We have also observed that after a long debate, the women of the country have now been allowed to drive cars. The international communities expect that genuine reform takes place in the country, and the reform is continuous. It should not become another ''Arab Spring''.
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    We are reading in newspapers about these developments in Saudi Arabia. On this ISC also there was a forum posting about allowing the women of the country for driving cars. It is good to note that reforms are good in the country. Many Indians are also there in Saudi Arabia. I think they will also get benefitted. Now The guard is also changing. Let us wait and watch, how the things will turn.
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    I am afraid of happenings in Saudi Arabia and other nearby countries. I have a vague feeling that US and its new President has some kind of influence on these matters. If the present ruler or ruling set up in Saudi Arabia cannot visualise resentment and quell them, then there can be some grave repercussions in future.
    Saudi Arabia is already involved in various matters in nearby countries. Yemen, Quatar are two examples. There are some elements in SA itself who do not like the US influence. If all of them come together and some extremist elements also exploit the situation then things will become fluid and unpredictable.

    Hope everything is under control. As Saudi Arabia has good relation with India, situation in Saudi can impact India and NRI Indians also.

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