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    The difference I observed between appliances and chargers.

    I am no electrical and electronic engineer. I am studying chemical engineering and I know only the basics about electronics. But I made an observation. Its a shame that I made this observation this late. Maybe I was taking things for granted.
    Anyway, I see that charger wires always have two plug pins and the appliances come with three plug pins.
    Did you notice that? You might have.
    And I have a general theory about it.
    Because appliances need a neutral wire in addition to the charge wires, + and -.
    Whereas chargers don't, they supply DC current to the battery I believe.
    But all appliances,run on A.C..
    So this was my puny observation.
    Can't say I'm really proud of my observation.
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    When appliances are used there need to be earthing supply so that we wont get the shock effect while using them. And for the charger two pin is enough to supply the electricity or the power it requires.
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    I do not agree with your observation, as the plugs on a few of the appliances and chargers that I own are quite the opposite of what you have observed.

    1. My handheld cake mixer (electric beater), hair dryer, body massager and hand blender are appliances with 2 pin plugs
    2. The laptop chargers at home have three pin plugs. Even the Handycam has a three pin plug

    I am not a science student, but from what I understand the third pin is required for earthing purpose. Bigger capacity machines need it for safety purpose, to protect the expensive machine. Maybe smaller devices do not draw that much current and the safety is within the system.

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    I think I have an answer for that too Juana.
    Those machines such as beater, massager, hair drier do an immense mechanical work, by motor rotation maybe. So, I'll add one more thing to my observation. Tools doing mechanical work have two point pins.

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    I used a charger with three pins also. I used appliances with two pins also.
    This is true. In two pins there is no earth connection. But in three pins we will earth connection also.Up to this, your observation is correct. But the latter part there is a deviation. We can use to pin plugs to appliances and chargers. Same three pins can also be used for both.
    Tools doing mechanical work have two points is also wrong. You can use three-pin pug also for this. There is motor which requires three-phase current. There they will use the three-pin plug. There ate some motors which require single phase, where they use two pin plug.

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    There are many appliances that have two pins our home shavers and professional hair trimmers, even juice mixers and portable iron boxes. There are phone chargers with three pin (maybe the earthing stub is a dummy).Some higher-end phones chargers have three pins and the third pin is supposed to be an internal temperature sensor and for balancing the charge between the cells in lithium polymer phone batteries ( please correct me if I'm wrong). The third prong or stub is usually need for earthing or ground. In a metal or part metal appliances, the charge can build up or due to some faulty wiring or damage, current can come in contact with the metal part if so it dissipates via the third prong and exits via the grounding connector of the building or home.

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