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    Is it not fair enough to give credit to Congress and LDF for Kerala's outstanding development?

    In last few days we are seeing so much news regarding Kerala State, quoting its outstanding position in many aspects on all over India basis - Women literacy-97.9%, Male literacy-98.7%, Male-female ratio-1000:1087, Safe drinking water-94.3%, Sanitary facilities-98.1%, Deliveries in hospitals-99.9%, 30% budget allocation to education and Health etc. Actually Kerala State most of the times is ruled by Congress lead aligns or Left paties till now. When Mr.Modi is given credit for developing Gujarat, do you think it is fair enough to give credit to these parties for developing Kerala?
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    Yes. The credit should be given to the state government because they are the people doing it better. I don't know whether it is congress or communists or BJP. But the government should be praised for its performance. Of course, in this growth, there will be definitely a hand of central government also. Nobody should deny that. But the prime performer is state government only.
    Kerala is a very rich state. Many of the people migrate from Kerala to other places for earning and they will be sending the money to their parents and others for their living. So Kerala is having the advantage of getting more money. The government is spending that money on development. Natural resources are available and money is available. So good things will bound to happen. Irrespective of government's attitude the development will happen as long as the people get more money from outside.

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