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    Women are more violent, Do you agree?

    I read an article recently which says a study has found out that women are more violent than men. What do you think? We all come across many women in our daily life, so from your experience do you think what the study says is true?

    The study says when it comes to domestic arguments women seem to be more violent. The study is based on an analysis of 34,000 men and women. Women proved to be victims of aggression and were more in westernized women.

    We know in the past, women were never portrayed as violent in our epics. There were brave women and warriors but not violent ones. Isn't it or am I wrong? But one thing is for sure that most women were considered as the weaker section who was let to suffer and sacrifice in the olden days. But now, if they have turned violent, what would be the reason?
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    Not only women but men too has two folds. Both are wild only if situation comes. To depict this only Hindu Gods and Goddesses are depicted in two forms like Shakthi and Kali(Durga). If injust found by human, the reciprocal is high in women than men as soft is not always soft.

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    A truth has been said by Chitra. Yes women are more violent, especially the women of present generation. The reason has to be studied and analysed.
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    The human beings are representing Shiv & Shakthi. Shiv is quallified as Kshipra kopi and Aashtosh. They mean that Shiv will become angry very soon(short tempered) and also become satisfied and happy very soon. So for a man he gets angry quickly and cools off also quickly.

    On the other hand, a woman is very patient, tolerates and forgives or ignores a lot. But when the tolerance level is breached, then the result is an explosion which has more destructive power. In the epics and classics we can see many female characters who take 'shapath' and take revenge. We have seen Goddess'Kaali' depicted as carrying blood dropping skull.

    From the many news reports coming in the media, I am getting a feeling that women also can fiercely violent and cruel. When we are talking of gender equality, I am afraid female may overtake male in crimes involving cruelty and violence. I feel this is due to the gradually reducing maternal element in women.

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    Not only women, men too are more violent depending on the situation. In the present age there are more crimes committed against women and naturally this might have made women to act violently to survive in the society.

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    Contrary to general impression, various studies prove that women are sometime much more violent than men. We have seen videos of fight between two women. In some cases, they fight to kill each other. In another study, it has been found that Indian women are ranked 3rd (in the world) in beating their husbands.
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    The study is not relevant to India, for it is based on an analysis of data from the UK and the US. The study also reveals that it is financially liberated women who are violent and they get aren't scared to walk out.

    Another fact brought out in the study is that "Male violence remains a more serious phenomenon: men proved more likely than women to injure their partners. Female aggression tends to involve pushing, slapping and hurling objects."

    The question here is - are men creating a fuss about pushing, slapping and hurling objects? Women get battered black and blue.

    The condition of women is still bad. Let's leave the study aside. How many violent women have you come across? How many marriages do you know of, where the woman is violent?

    That being said, I don't see the connection between our epics and brave women warriors and this study. The study reflects a different culture and cannot be used to draw a parallel with Indian women.

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    It is true that as opined by Juana, the study is no relevance in our country. In our country, males are dominating the females. Only in TV serials, females dominate males and they will be cruel and show their violent nature. But definitely, a change is taking place slowly a day may come when the females are also equally violent like males in certain situations. There are queens who ruled the country and excelled in the battle field. The dearest wife of Lord Krishna shown her talent in the war with the demon Narakasura. But the percentage is very less.
    We say three Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar are the three creating, protecting and ruining the world. But these three are also under the control the Great Shakthi. This is what I learned. But Shakthi will come into action very rarely and only when these three fail in their respective jobs.
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    In westeren countries, women have more focus on careers, in a relationship or marriage the responsibilities are shared, they are much more independent. They have their own free time( men have soccer nights, women have the girls night out) with their close friends wherein the other spouse looks after the family, In essence, women stand up for their rights and equality, hence it may come out an as an argument.

    On the contrary, in the Indian scenario, many unthinkable acts happen behind closed doors even after marriage. Women have been gradually exposed to education and the outside world wherein now they stand up against injustice, complaining about harassment, thrashing eve teasers, walking our of engagement if there is a demand to stop working or dowry.Employment and earnings contributions from the women have also grown, hence naturally their approach to issues and problems would be different from what our mothers and grandmothers did.There would be some extreme incidents of violence against men but still the harm done by men is far more, hence women are being noticed for the right reasons, but violence from a larger perspective originates from men.

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    Members are requested to always mention who did the study & where, when mentioning some research being done on something. This will reduce the generalized reference being made to India if not really related and will, I feel, make for more relevant discussions. First responders to any thread should also check facts stated by the thread's author before blindly nodding in agreement to whatever is stated.
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    I have never heard of something like that before but I agree with Juana that it is not the case with the women in India who are still facing so many challenges to stand up in a male dominating society, who are still struggling to get a fair share of economy and all other things against the work they do, women of India still in the strive of getting recognition from everyone despite achieving so many things.
    There may be few exception but these results can not be generalized to every woman especially in countries which are still in the line to give equal status to women. These may be the cases of few developed nation where women have some autonomy and say in every important decision.
    But can we ever implement such studies to the women residing in the countries of the middle east(like Saudi Arabia where women still haven't got the basic fundamental rights) or the countries like Afganistan( where 4 walls of a house and veil are the identity of women)?
    So looking all these conditions I really don't agree with the generalization of these studies to all women or with the title of this article but consider these result just as the exception or case of few developed and modern nation where women have achieved some say in the society.

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    Women have always been nice, kind and soft-spoken. Women cannot be called as violent, they could remain restricted and reserved in behavior for their own protection and benefits.
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    Why women are violent because they want to assert their position and also prove in front of others that they have the controlling capacity better than men. Some women by virtue of their personality and have the ability to convey the best through verbal dual virtually bounce on others and be a winner. In Telugu we call such women as " Guyaali", that means trouble maker. We can seen this kind of attitude at the public taps. Invariably in Tamil Nadu where there are public taps the women who are stronger would assert their power and even ready for fist cuffs with others and thus proves Pahelwan in that area.
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