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    Man vs Animals, where do we draw the line.

    Every now and then we hear about a leopard or a bear venturing into the human settlement and people are being mauled or killed. There is a huge outcry and the animal is often killed or dies due to stress and improper efforts at darting and capturing it.

    Looking into the root cause, we find ourselves, man and his every expanding tribe fueled by need and greed we have been relentlessly encroaching on forests for wood,land and food. Ultimately something has to give way. Man may eventually have his way, how do we ensure that at least some forests are saved for its rightful owners and our future generations.
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    We the mankind are destroying forests for the sake of our happiness and enjoyment. The other creatures of the world are finding it difficult to live, hence once in a while, they come to the place where humans live. Unfortunately, humans are more capable and are equipped with modern amenities, hence poor animals will die at the end of the fight. To preserve our forests each one of us should stand together. Teach our kids the value of forests so that at least the next generation won't turn up to as greedy as this generation.
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    Man is the source of all animal problems. Forest is the source of livelihood of animals and when people occupy that, it is like snatching their rights. And so they enter into our place sometimes to show their anger and kill humans and at the end kill themselves. Due to increase in population, humans has no other go other than displacing the wildlife territory. So I don't think there will be an end for such issues.

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    The nature of mankind has become very cruel. it has become very self-centred.Live and let live situation is getting replaced with the kill and live situation. Cutting the forests is making many animals homeless. They are more worried about their existence. They are also thinking that these human beings are crueller than the cruel animals. Animals are coming sometimes to human inhabitation and finding themselves in difficult situations and getting killed. Cutting forests and occupying them is nowadays a common issue. It is rendering many animals not getting the place to live in. The greed of mankind is giving all sorts of hassles to the animal kingdom.
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    Mankind can be protected if we protect our forests too. The way we have been destroying our forests and natural resources, we are creating our own life in trouble. People today are suffering because of increasing pollution.
    Animals home are being cut and destroyed, they keep roaming in search of food and home. This all tells that humans are playing with their own planet that makes them survive.
    People need to understand the importance of forests and stop cutting them.

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    What I feel that human beings are always under the pressure and wild thoughts that there would be shortage of land and necessities in future and thus bounce on the vacant lands and forest to grab the land either to allocated for the wild life to live and cherish. The ever demand for housing , Industries has created the necessity for the government to consider vacant and forest lands for that purpose and thus animals are being forcefully evicted. And having lost their lands, the animals naturally gets annoyed and agitated and thus trespassing into the human habitat much to the terrified moments of people residing there. Let the animals live in their own lands.
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    Wild animals or even domesticated and pet animals keep to their territory. They also respect the territorial rights of other animals and creatures also. Generally they do not g beyond their limits. They also do not add territory by usurping other animals' territory also.

    However man is the only species that encroach upon and usurp others' rightful territory for his selfish needs. In doing that he also drives the original inhabitants away or destroys them.
    Animals travel beyond their territory only when there is no food and water in their limits and the living has become difficult there due to natural calamities or other reasons.
    I believe in cycles of creation and destruction. There will be some colossal destruction when the exploitation of nature goes beyond tolerance.

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