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    What's more painful? Being under-appreciated or being wrongfully appreciated?

    Well, if the title isn't clear enough...ever had this point in your life where you gave your everything, put 200% of your skills into work, but never got appreciated for that? That has happened to me a several times. That's under-appreciation or un-appreciation, where you don't get appreciated at all or appreciated enough for your work.

    But sometimes you are wrongfully appreciated. For instance, I write poems right? And some of my poems, I find them so bad that I'm embarrassed. But people end up liking it instead. The work I produced completely lacked passion yet I got appreciated. And that's very painful. I'd rather not be appreciated than being wrongfully appreciated.

    So according to me, being wrongfully appreciated is more painful because appreciation sounds like sarcasm then. What according to you is more painful?
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    I notice I've made a mistake in title and I'm being unable to edit it.
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    Always getting appreciation is liked by all. Appreciation is a recognition of your good work. These appreciations will be the motivation factor for your further good work. But there are people who will unnecessarily try to praise us without any special contribution from us. I call it as Boasting. You called it as wrongly appreciating. This is not good for our progress. It will increase our ego and we think we are the best and we are doing the best. We will get complacent and we will not struggle further to learn more. It will hinder our progress. A word of appreciation and then giving suggestions for our improvement is what required. That will give us a moral confidence and we will rectify our mistakes and try to do better. So over appreciation and boasting are not advisable for anyone for their progress. but a little encouragement and additional inputs regarding betterment are always acts as a catalyst for our better performance.
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    I have corrected the title. I would like to suggest that you could take care of spacing issues. Do not cluster all the sentences together. Try to present the text neatly, with some space between various aspects of the text, whenever required, so that there are paragraphs. It makes for better reading. Note the corrections made, for example, in the text you put in for this thread.

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    When some one appreciates you because there are many reasons for it. That you have matched the thinking level of the same person and what you have shared the things which was either too planned by the same person. Normally we get connected and attached to those who talks in our terms and in our criteria. Probably in that sense your poems might have been liked. One more thing normally poems are not written by many and if some one does that conveying the right thoughts and meaning , we would like it. So nothing wrong to say good to your poems and in fact you must be overwhelmed for those likes.
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    Appreciation and attention is what most of us seek while performing any task their are very few time when we are doing work solely for our happiness. And when we have done a lot to show someone our credentials and capability and then we are underappreciated it is most painful thing to bear.
    Such cases arises mostly in case of a teacher-student relation or parent-child relation where a student and child does many things just to get attention of his/her parent's and teachers attention and when end up being underappreciated he/she don't even try next time if hurt badly.
    So being a position where someone seeking a little attention, care or appreciation from us we should never hesitate and put ourselves in the position of that person.

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    Nice thread, our minds go instantly to being under appreciated. As humans we all deserve an appreciation ( not a gift or cash) but a note of thanks or a well done or an applause when we complete the job entrusted to us and we honor the trust placed upon us even though we have undergone difficulties and little sacrifice in the process. For people who have been at the receiving end a few a times and it hurts, even more, to be ignored when average tasks of others are highlighted. But that's life, it is not a reflection of you, it is the reflection of the shallow minded person at the other end.
    Coming to the second part of your thread, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, what is half-hearted to you, is very good for others as they are seeing the product from their viewpoint. Probably you are used to poetry so much that you've set your standards very high than the rest of us. Have you ever been to a viva exam wherein you felt that for sure you'll fail and you've passed? I've been to a few.

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    I feel being under appreciated is more painful at least to me. I expect some sort of appreciation when I put in my full efforts and have acheived something. Not being recognized is kind of demotivating and is really painful. I will feel all my efforts are in vein. Also when some takes away the appreciation of your hard work, you will definitely feel sad.

    Wrongfully appreciated,I think I am not the right person to comment on this because I have never been wrongfully appreciated. I feel the tone of the appreciation lets us know whether it is a sarcasm or not.

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